Microsoft accuses Sony of breaching the EU over Call of Duty | mislead

Microsoft he accused Sony that it has materially misled the EU regulator as to its obligation to comply call of Duty on PlayStation if the Activision Blizzard acquisition is approved. According to reports, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan met with the EU cartel boss Margaret Vestager this week to discuss his concerns about the rival console maker’s intentions.

And in a series of tweets published on Friday, Microsoft’s chief communications officer said: Frank X Shawclaimed SIE misled Brussels regulators about Xbox’s pledge to keep Activision’s flagship FPS series on PlayStation.

“I’m hearing Sony is informing people in Brussels that Microsoft isn’t willing to offer them parity on Call of Duty if we acquire Activision,” Shaw wrote. “No more fake.”

“It was clear to us that we offered Sony a 10-year contract to give them parity in terms of timing, content, features, quality, playability and all other aspects of the game. We’ve also said we’d like to make it enforceable by contract, regulatory agreement, or other means.

“Sony is the market leader in consoles and It would go against business logic to exclude PlayStation players from the Call of Duty ecosystem.”

Our goal is to bring call of duty and other games, like we did with minecraft, for more people around the world so they can play it where and how they want.”

What would be by far the video game industry’s biggest deal ever met fierce opposition from Sony and concerns from European, US and UK regulators. In the latest setback on the road to finalizing the deal, the EU is expected to issue an indictment to Microsoft detailing its concerns about the acquisition, Reuters reported.

Below are tweets from Microsoft’s Chief Communications Officer.


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