Michigan SOS denied more than 21,000 license plates in 2022

A rendering of a refused license plate.

Editor’s note: Some of the vanity requests contain vulgarity.

Michiganders can express their love for a city, team, phrase, or just about anything under the sun with their license plate, but not all desired tags are ever seen in traffic.

The Michigan Secretary of State’s office rejected 21,652 customs plates in 2022, compared to 118 applications in the first six months of 2021, according to a public record. Rejected records included DEM0NIC, DIARHEA, 2B00BS, H0TB0X and H0TDAMN (cue Captain Raymond Holt from the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

Some of the denied signs contain racy or sexual content, euphemisms for certain drugs, opinions about politicians, swear words, or, more simply, the age-old hatred of a particular southeast Michigan state.

A message was left to SOS spokesman Jake Rollow regarding the sharp spike in rejections.


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