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Michael B. Jordan on Denzel Washington and Bradley Cooper

There are many challenges in stepping into the director’s chair, especially when you’re still in the movie. Michael B. Jordan couldn’t have asked for better help, however, as the actor recently revealed the directing tips he received from Denzel Washington and Bradley Cooper for the upcoming movie creed 3.

Like Jordan with MGMs creed 3, Washington and Cooper are no strangers to directing. Washington’s directorial debut came with 2002 Antwone Fischerfollowed by The debaters, fences, and last year A diary for Jordan, in which Jordan starred in. Coopers A star Is Born Remake was his debut and he is currently shooting his second film, maestrofor a release in 2023.


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I’ll speak to Empire shortly Indiana Jones 5 20th edition, Jordan spoke about stepping into the director’s chair and following in the footsteps of Sylvester Stallone, who not only starred as a Rocky icon, but also helped write the screenplay for all the films and directed three entries. “I was pretty excited about it and wondered what it would be like. “Who demands action and cut? Is that me?!’” Jordan said.

Michael B. Jordan-Creed 3

But luckily, Jordan had some help with that creed 3. “In conversation with Denzel [Washington] and Bradley Cooper and others who have directed themselves have told me that you have to find your groove and your pace with your first AD and the actors,” he explained. “But it’s also like having a superpower: you can also direct within your performance. It saves some time in some areas because you have the opportunity to self-correct in the moment. So this is a liberating experience. After a while it was fun.”

While Jordan’s biggest challenge was directing, Adonis faces off against Jonathan Majors’ Damian Anderson, the new adversary who’s not only physically intimidating but also has ties to Adonis’ past. “I think he has an intensity and a realness of character that we’ve never seen before,” Jordan teased. “He’s a down-to-earth character who is antagonistic by nature, but it comes from an honest place, genuine emotions. He’s not a mustache-twirling villain; I wanted people to understand him and make it difficult for people. I think these are the most complicated and interesting to look at.” Based on Jordan’s comments, creed 3 in good hands and wants to build on the success of its predecessors.

Hire five years later creed 2, Adonis continues to dominate the boxing world and thrives in his family life. However, when a childhood friend and former boxing prodigy (played by Majors) returns, he must put that aside to take on his former friend in a match about more than just boxing. In addition to its two main actors, the film stars Tessa Thompson, Wood Harris, Phylicia Rashad and Florian Munteanu. Black Panther 2 Director Ryan Coogler, Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin wrote the story, and Keenan Coogler and Baylin wrote the screenplay.

Creed III hits theaters on March 3, 2023.

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Source: Empire

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