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Memes & Tweets about the last few days of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix

If, like Moira Rose, you’re feeling “downright tormented with meetings etc” this weekend, cancel them: Schott’s Creek is leaving Netflix on October 2, giving viewers just hours to squeeze into one final marathon. The silver lining? Before you can even say “Ew, David,” the Rose family will head to Hulu, where all six seasons of the Emmy-winning comedy will be available to stream for subscribers in the United States on Disney’s proprietary platform beginning in October. 3.

Though fans have had about five months to process the development, which Hulu first announced in late April, the streaming service has enlisted the help of Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) and her fictional PR firm, Alexis Rose Communications, to remind everyone of the upcoming change. On September 29, Hulu made a “special announcement” via a press release in the celebrity’s signature slang.

“Not to brag, but Hulu is obsessed with my family,” she reportedly wrote, referring to father Johnny (Eugene Levy), Moira (Catherine O’Hara) and David (Daniel Levy). Adding her signature “boop”, no less. “After weeks of tough business negotiations with Hulu, as a businesswoman, I absolutely couldn’t say no. The world deserves the best. And I love this journey for her.”


Even though Schott’s Creek began airing on Pop TV (and CBC in Canada) in 2015, the popular series surged in popularity when Netflix acquired the streaming rights. Although not a Netflix original, Schott’s Creek quickly became one of the streamer’s most-watched shows. After co-creator Dan Levy signed an exclusive deal with Netflix in September 2021, he realized how the company had contributed to his show’s success.

“Netflix offered Schott’s Creek a home away from home at just the right time and opened doors for us to a whole new audience,” the Emmy-winner said in a statement at the time. “Seeing the show thrive there has only heightened my excitement about continuing to tell specific, meaningful stories with them both on television and in feature film. A moment to come full circle.”

Although the Rose family has already found a new home on Hulu, fans still reacted in shock to the change and shared some relatable memes from the show, which posted 1,000 GIFs. While some couldn’t help but act like disgruntled pelicans, others took to Netflix — one even accused the streamer of “wanting to ruin October” — while processing their grief.

Another fan’s tweet tried to understand why Schott’s Creek is leaving Netflix while someone else tried to find an appropriate punishment and likened the upcoming removal of the series to a felony.

Not being able to really do anything about the loss, many fans planned to watch as many episodes as possible before October 3. “Even call yourself a fan,” one user tweeted. Adding another: “How many times can I see Schitt’s Creek before it disappears on Sunday…?” The border does not exist.”

If they were watching Schott’s Creek For the first time or ten, some were just happy to squeeze all six seasons right under the wire.

Other Twitter users predicted worsening mental health if they can no longer stream the LOL-worthy comedy on Netflix.

However, other fans acknowledged that there will be other ways to watch Schott’s Creek, some could not help but see the end of an era. Either way, some diehards are already planning to subscribe to Hulu.

So, for now, grab your favorite jazzagals, bang ’em champagneand enjoy one last Netflix view — before, of course, getting back on track with Hulu.

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