MC Championship (MCC) 29: Live Results and Scores

The first part of the third season of the MC Championship (MCC) is here, ushering in the era of another action-packed season of the Minecraft Competition. The inaugural event is MCC 29 and marks the official return of Noxcrew and Smajor after a three-month hiatus.

MCC 29 will run as a regular canon version of the event, meaning it will feature 10 balanced teams carefully curated by Smajor and all results will count towards players’ overall match stats and wins. Team names are back to the regular ones players know and love after being temporarily changed for the winter season in MCC 28.

Image via Noxcrew

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With the 29th MCC event marking the start of a new season, fans can now look forward to seeing the Minecraft Tournament back to its regular monthly basis, probably every month from March to December as was previously the case.

A new season of MCC also means new non-canon special events. No special events have been announced for Season 3, but MCC Pride seems to have turned into an annual summer charity event. The MCC team may also host additional installments of its other non-canon events such as MCC Underdogs, MCC Rising, and MCC All-Stars, but will likely introduce some new themed events as well.

Image via Noxcrew

For now, a regular installment of the Minecraft Tournament serves as the official start of Season 3. No massive changes or game additions have been made, but MCC 29 has two new maps for TGTTOSAWAF and one new map for Sky Battle.

As usual, the MCC team has selected a group of nine games for players to choose from for the 29th edition of the event. Meltdown, Parkour Warrior, Big Sales at Build Mart, and Hole in the Wall have been removed from the MCC 29 playlist.

Only eight of the nine games will be selected, and the top two teams overall will then advance to the epic Dodgebolt Duel Finals, the traditional ending of every MCC event, and place the top two teams in a confined arena with only bow and arrows defeating each other.

With only two darts in the arena, the duels are long and exciting while all other teams watch from the sidelines until one of the two teams has successfully eliminated the other three times, thereby winning the competition.

The entire event takes place over a period of around two to three hours, with teams’ placements changing frequently and point multipliers being added as matches progress.

All MCC 29 scores

MCC is an action-packed event that is constantly evolving. Because of this, it can be difficult to keep up with each team’s results and placements Minecraft mini game.

Any fan following the event and hoping to keep up with what’s happening can enjoy a comprehensive breakdown of all 10 mini-games and the results for each game here. This information includes which games are selected to be played, the order in which teams play the games, the coin totals of each game, the top two teams that advance to Dodgebolt Finals Duel, and the team that ultimately claims victory over the entire event.

Parkour Tag Results

Parkour Tag kicked off MCC 29 when the 10 teams picked it first. This game is all about teamwork and strategy as teams engage in head-to-head battles against their rivals.

Over the course of nine rounds, one member of each team must choose to chase the other opposing team. The three remaining teammates on each team must then navigate a parkour arena trying to survive for as long as possible. Meanwhile, the missing teammate tries to tag the entire other team before tagging his team.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Parkour Day Winners: Purple pandas

First overall: Purple pandas

Rocket Spleef Rush results

The second game in MCC 29 was Rocket Spleef Rush. The only goal of the players in this game is to survive as many players as possible and eliminate other players when they have the opportunity to do so by using their rocket launchers.

The entire Rocket Spleef Rush takes place in the sky over the course of three rounds as players continually soar through the air using an Elytra. Throughout the game, they occasionally have to land on floating platforms to lift themselves back into the air. The platforms keep disappearing and the map keeps moving, making it a difficult task to stay alive.

Screenshot via MCC Live

Rocket Spleef Rush Winners: Cyan coyotes

First overall: Cyan coyotes


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