Bravo is ready to take viewers to an exclusive place for what’s new summer house spinoff series, Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard. As in the original show, the new series will have 12 friends partying through the summer on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. This place is very special as it was one of the first beaches where African Americans could vacation and buy real estate.

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Premieres on Bravo on Sunday, May 7 at 9pm ET. Fans can stream the show the next day on Peacock and the broadcaster’s website.

The show features 12 “young black professionals and entrepreneurs” who have been friends for years and are enjoying a summer of “cultural experiences and exclusive island activities.”

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard the couple’s friends Jasmine and Silas Cooper will be enjoying the summer

In the first season of Summer House: Martha’s VineyardHer newly married couple Jasmine and Silas Cooper have invited some of their old and new friends over to enjoy the summer. They are:

  1. Alex Tyree, who will try to persuade his friends to party without alcohol, just like him.
  2. Amir Lancaster from Austin trying to reconnect with his roots.
  3. Bria Fleming potentially ending up in hot water after inviting an unwelcome guest.
  4. New York’s Jason Lyke is the group’s advisor but won’t be able to avoid drama this time.
  5. Jordan Emanuel from New York, who enjoys having a good time with his girlfriend Jasmine, much to Silas’ disappointment.
  6. Mariah Torres wants to enjoy the summer with her friends, but a fight could ruin her plans.
  7. Nicholas “Nick” Arrington from New York will compete with Amir for the attention of a roommate.
  8. Preston Mitchum from Washington who wants to spend time with his frat brother Silas.
  9. Phoenix native Shanice Henderson plans to party all summer, but things go awry when someone starts spreading rumors about her past.
  10. Summer Marie Thomas from LA who will flirt with many men.

Aside from that, a dachshund named Milo will move into the house with the cast and wreak havoc everywhere.

As seen in the trailer, the cast members will try to enjoy the summer by partying, playing beach games and flirting with other cast members. One of the stars even jokes:

“That’s what the ancestors wanted.”

Jasmine and Silas are going to have a big argument over the former trying to spend some alone time with her friends. Silas becomes jealous of the strong bond between Jasmine and Jason, who knows that “sometimes men can be intimidated by friendships between men and women.” Silas and Jason could also get into a physical altercation over their issues.

Amir, Nick and a fellow cast member fall into a love triangle. Some of the cast members will also leave the house early after a horrific fight. Bravo’s press release states:

“Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard follows a group of 12 friends enjoying their island vacation. With beach parties, decadent dinners and summer dates, these young black professionals and entrepreneurs have both fun and drama ahead of them.”

It goes on:

“In Summer House: Martha’s Vineyardthe friends have known each other for years and look forward to letting go this summer, indulging in cultural experiences and exclusive island activities while learning to overcome their personal obstacles.”

Fans can watch new episodes of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard on Bravo every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.


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