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Charles Town Selection and Analysis: March 18, 2023



In this Saturday night opener, a two-turn specialweight for state-bred spinsters, #3 Golden Arrow (8-5) settled for a small haul on his career debut for coach Jeff Runco, but expects to improve from that effort. #2 He’s smart (2-1) was good third from bottom in the second attempt for coach Tim Grams and certainly deserves respect if he is aiming for his diploma here. #1 Don’t call too early (5-1) makes his third start this year for coach Michael Atkins and is looking to graduate in his 11th career attempt. #6 Harpers Gone Fishing (9-2) was a good third in season debut for coach John Carlisle but is returning after a 10 week break.



At this two-round, $10,000 competition for mares and mares, #1 Tizbit (5-1) receives a favorable rail draw for trainer Ryan Gillespie and gets a nod for slight upset here. #5 Katalima (7-5) leaves the supplements company and was a solid penultimate effort at the level for coach Lela Hanagan. #7 Dallas (2-1) Also completing the last two local outings from the Grants Society and seeking first record since graduation against the first Special Weight enemies here. #3 Victory Royale (6-1) was well third up against similar ones and deserves respect here.



In this competitive, interesting event for senior runners with a two-lap grant/optional claim of $25,000 #3 Debit Card (7-2) gets the nod for mild excitement while seeking his second straight result across the Strip for trainer Flint Stites. #2 Social Chic (5-2) was a model of consistency for coach Jeff Runco throughout his career and certainly deserves respect at this point. #5 Nico (2-1) Numbers to get plenty of support for coach Javier Contreras here, threatening the top pair with a real threat. #1 Downtown Chaly Brown (5-1) finished 4th in last local match against similar but gets a convenient rail tie here for trainer Tim Kreiser.



In this $5,000 one-turn sprint claiming fillies and mares, #7 Vegas Princess (9-2) gets a favorable outside draw for coach John Carlisle and gets the nod for mild excitement in the event. #5 Real Attractiveness (9-5) will likely find plenty of support at this point for trainer Kevin Joy, who finished a solid second place two months ago. #1 I will be released (8-5) finished fourth in each of the previous three games of the season for coach Jeff Runco and is trying to atone here despite the tricky rail draw. #6 Fantastic Moon (6-1) is looking for second place in a row after his graduation against the first contenders, most recently for coach Mike Jones Jr.



With this rare three-gait approval for fillies and mares, #1 Likely Choice (3-1) receives a favorable inside draw for the track race and gets the nod for slight upset for trainer Ronney Brown. #6 Rockrose (6-5) arrives at Laurel Park with a solid result last for trainer Anthony Farrior and is emerging as a solid pick despite the outside draw. #7 Dat Dares Gold (9-2) last won in the second home game for coach Ernest Haynes and deserves respect here. #8 Elianagnaz (5-1) was a good third two starts back and will try to atone for seventh place last time for trainer Kevin Joy.



In this interesting two-gait allowance for state-bred older horses, #4 Frosting (5-2) won last and already has two wins from three games this season for coach Norm “Lynn” Cash and could very easily be upset at this point. #2 One Night Mike (9-5) was a solid second against a similar bottom and looks like a tepid choice here for coach Javier Contreras. #5 Hopping Henry (10-1) regained two starts and is trying to atone for fourth place last for trainer Michael Sterling. #3 Remy’s Showtime (10-1) was a consistent strain throughout his career and was able to complete some shenanigans for coach Mike Jones, Jr. here.



In this interesting two-turn allowance for state-bred senior runners, #1 Marching (5-2) returns from Laurel Park after a modest fourth-place finish and is trying to get back on track for trainer Willie Kee at this point. #2 Grumpy’s Pals (7-2) most recently graduated against first-time specialweight opponents and is seeking his second straight win while attempting to win for trainer Jeff Runco for the first time. #5 Neverpopthecork (2-1) has delivered three modest efforts against supplement enemies after graduating against the virgin company with special weight last fall. #3 SS Alaskan Cruz (10-1) has held up well against those entitled to claim on site and has made the leap into the competition for certificates for this place.



At this competitive two-gait admission for state-bred mares and mares, #5 Next N Dearest (7-2) last graduated in Santa Anita against first-time contenders and makes first attempt against winners after transcontinental travel. #7 Barber Point (7-5) made her career debut for coach Jeff Runco two months ago and despite a two-month hiatus is emerging as a solid pick for the posting period. #2 Continue Spurrin (5-1) has finished third in each of the last three tries against Allowance Company and expects to have a similar result for coach Kristy Petty here. #1 Iheartrainacomn (15-1) was a good second against Claimer Two Back and was able to complete several gimmicks with a cheap rail draw.



In Saturday night’s finals, a two-round $5,000 tournament claiming mares and mares, #4 Annika Gold (3-1) makes her season debut after a solid run of work for coach Riquelvis Grullon and is aiming for a 12th win of her career at this point. #5 Tequila Mist (6-5) also makes her season debut in this spot for coach Anthony Farrior, and looms as a potential odds-on pick here. #9 Chinese Cat (9-2) has always been a paragon of consistency at this strip for Lake Ponchatrain coach Ernest Haynes. #2 Mae Sai Princess (12-1) receives a favorable draw and was able to complete some gimmicks at a very generous price.



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