Many bettors believe in a “leaked” Super Bowl result

Participating in the conference championship round of the NFL playoffs was far from ideal. A series of questionable calls had confused and upset fans. Some even accused the NFL of being “rigged.”

Arian Foster was there last week Barstool Sports’ Macrodosing Podcast, and as part of a comedy, he said the league sends out scripts at the start of each season. He then joked that the drills aren’t actual soccer drills, but are more like acting practice, where everyone focuses on mastering their part of the script. Of course, most people had fun with the bit and made jokes and memes about it. Others took it completely out of context, not understanding he was joking.

Taking place in such a crowded timeline, these two events gave ample ammunition to anyone looking for reason to believe the sport, or the NFL in particular, is rigged. Last week an edited image made the rounds on social media and many conspiracy theories believe that people want to profit from it.

Leaked Super Bowl result circulating

On Feb. 4, a Twitter user by the name “@FearKyrie” tweeted an image of a Pro-Football Reference box score showing the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 37-34 in the Super Bowl on February 12 ., 2023. The Twitter account has since been suspended, but that didn’t stop the picture from becoming a viral sensation on social media.

As the image made its way through Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook, there were many people out there who believed the league was now “scripted” or that the league was being manipulated in some other way. This picture has certainly piqued your interest.

Of course the picture was edited. Someone probably took a previous box score from and used it as a template to make some changes. Her skills were good enough to make it believable. Even fact-checking website Snopes had to publish a fact-check on the image. They concluded that the claim of a leaked score was obviously false.

PHOENIX, AZ - FEBRUARY 6: Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (1) speaks during opening night of NFL Super Bowl LVII on Monday February 6, 2023 at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, AZ (Photo by Adam Bow/Icon Sportswire via Getty images)
Jalen Hurts and the Eagles win the Super Bowl, according to a random NFL fan “leak” online. (Adam Bow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Bettors try to take advantage of this

The two most popular prop bets at BetMGM are Travis Kelce. The third most popular prop bet is the coin toss, which lands on tails. The fourth most popular prop? An Eagles 37-Chiefs 34 exact end stand. This prop pays off at 80 to 1. It opened at 250 to 1, but obviously if the game somehow lands on that outcome, the oddsmakers have adjusted due to the sheer risk they face.

Of course, if you actually believe the picture is a real leak, there are many other ways to make money if you take a closer look at the picture.

First and foremost, you might as well put the mortgage on Eagles -1.5. The game also flies slightly above the 50.5 total in the leak, so add that to my betting card for my total life savings. In fact, parlay the two.

Kansas City clearly score first as they lead 10-0 in the leak after the first quarter. I add Kansas City to my map to score first at -110. The first Kansas City team to score ten points pays +100. Kansas City leads by +100 after the first quarter. They are +375 to score over 7.5 in Q1. So much free money is piling up.

We know the Eagles are about to make a comeback so this would also be a good time to place some live bets on the Eagles at inflated odds. Take them on the moneyline and with the points. Both will win. Kansas City has a 24-13 lead at halftime, so make sure you overtake the first half and the Chiefs’ first half as well. At halftime, ignore the performances and commercials and instead spend the time calling your friends and family and securing as much money as you can to continue betting live on Philadelphia.

Okay, we’re being ridiculous, aren’t we? Apparently not. On the biggest betting day of the year, this is the fourth most popular bet. But I swear it hits. This will give us some basic early content for the start of the football offseason.


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