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Magic And Muscles Anime Release Date Confirmed

The upcoming fantasy and magic anime Mashle: Magic And Muscles has received a new teaser visual and trailer (via Comic Natalie), revealing that the anime will air on April 7th. New voice actors and production staff have also been announced as performing artists of the opening and ending theme songs.

Mashle is basically the anime version of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as it is set in a world where magic rules everything, but the only major difference here is that the protagonist cannot use magic. Those unable to use magic (and characterized by not having a lightning sign resembling Harry) are haunted by the land. Unless Mashle can enroll in Easton Magic Academy and earn the title of Divine Visionary (with a fake lightning bolt on his face), he and his adoptive father will never be able to live in peace.


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Yuuki Kaji (Eren’s voice actor in Attack on Titan) joins the anime as Rayne Ames, one of the school’s “divine visionaries,” or a very special student who influences the land and keeps the peace. Abel Walker, another key figure and leader of the school’s secret organization, Magia Lupus, is voiced by Yuichiro Umehara (Mars in Black Clover and title character in Goblin Slayer). Abyss Razor, another member of Magia Lupus, is voiced by Hiroki Nanami (Asakura Haou in Shaman King).

Taiiku Okazaki, who performed the song “Pose” for the first closing theme of Pokemon: Sun & Moon, will sing the opening song, and the music group “Philosophy no Dance” will sing the closing song. The group previously worked on the opening song of Ayakashi Triangle and the closing song of the anime The Honor Student at Magic High School.

Studio A-1 Pictures’ anime director will be Tomonari Tanaka, who has previously worked on Bungo Stray Dogs, Hunter X Hunter and Cyberpunk Edgerunners. The script is being edited by Yousuke Kuroda, who has worked on many anime titles including Honey and Clover and Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Finally, Masaru Yokoyama, the composer of Fruits Basket, Astra Lost in Space and Your Lie in April, will take on the role take charge of the music.

The Mashle manga currently has 15 volumes, and that’s about it announced last year from the author that the manga has entered its final arc since Volume 11.

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