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Lucas Black says the role in the Christian film was an answer to prayer

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Hollywood actor Lucas Black, best known for his roles in The Fast and The Furious and NCIS: New Orleans franchises, took a break from his roles in mainstream entertainment three years ago, saying his recent role in a new Pure Flix film was an answered prayer.

Black stars in the new family-friendly film Legacy Peak streaming now exclusively on Pure Flix.

In 2019, Black quit work on NCIS: New Orleans after 125 episodes when he made the decision to leave the series “to spend more time with family” and to connect with his “Heavenly Father.”

“There were many days where I would go to work and they were still asleep and I would come home and they were already in bed,” Black told The Christian Post. “The first three seasons … I was working 70 hours a week. I’ve just been lucky throughout my career, I’ve realized that this kind of schedule and the way the entertainment business is run and a lot of the temptations that come with it can be really destructive to families. life and your relationship with others.

“It takes a lot of discipline, a lot of godly people around you to hold you accountable,” he added.

Those concerns were some of the reasons Black decided to step down and take some time off to “think and rest.” Soon after, he was introduced to this new faith-filled film.

“We prayed what the next step would be,” Black said of himself and his wife. “We’ve seen a tremendous cultural shift here in America, and movies that came out of Hollywood and in the entertainment industry long undermined the role of fatherhood.”

Her prayers were answered when he attended a homeschool conference and met Pastor Eric Ludy, who spoke to Black about the script for Legacy Peak.

“I read it, my wife read it, and she comes to me with tears in her eyes and says, ‘I don’t know why you wouldn’t be part of this project.'” he recalled, explaining why wanted “It’s one that really reflects well on fathers. It shows the need for a good earthly father. It shows how we can find our fulfillment and love from our Heavenly Father, and it’s truly one that will do that .” Strengthening the nuclear family and especially the fathers out there.”

Legacy Peak is about a man named Jason who “wants nothing more than to have his girlfriend’s kids like him. But when a perfectly planned trip to a mountain cabin falls apart, the ensuing adventure could tear them apart or bring them closer than they ever imagined. Together they will discover how to trust again and what it means to be a family.

Black plays Jason and the rest of the cast includes: Todd Terry, Ina Barron, Kyleigh M. Bakker and Roman Engle.

“My character can use masculine qualities to really protect and care for the innocent and show transparency to connect with the children in special ways,” Black told CP.

“[I’m] super blessed to be a part of it. It was an answered prayer for me and my family that something like this would come to us. God orchestrated the whole thing.”

However, Black did not always have such strong Christian beliefs. Although raised in a Christian home where he was taken to church every Sunday, he walked away from the Lord in his 20s when he attempted to walk the Christian path alone while working in the entertainment industry.

“I really didn’t have a strong spiritual family or godly men to study the Bible with or live a life with that I could really be held accountable to,” he said.

In early 2015, Black became aware of reading the Bible and said he was “convicted of the Holy Spirit,” which helped him devote himself to God. He eventually got involved in a church and a men’s Bible study, which held him accountable.

“It was really when my relationship with the Lord took on a whole new level. All the chapters and books on the Holy Spirit really spoke to me,” Black testified. “He is our Advocate; He is our helper. I can rely on him in difficult times or when I’m feeling alone and traveling around. The Lord is with us wherever we go.”

“I’m just grateful that he was always with me. He never leaves us and never leaves us, and His grace has been abundantly shown in my life right now,” continued the The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift star.

Movies like Legacy Peak that have confidence and family messages are the kind of entertainment that Black encourages people to spend time watching. “There’s an attack on Christian values ​​right now in our country, on family values,” Black said. “So this is our way of fighting our culture.”

He added: “I think we really need to focus and be aware of what we’re allowed to see for our family on our screens in our homes. We really have to fight for our families and our kids, so we have to be conscious of what’s coming through the TV screen, the computer screen and the phone.”

“The more you guys see stuff like this, the more we can do content like this,” he said. “The message will be strong, which will strengthen families and strengthen Christians and encourage and uplift them. I just encourage you to go out and see it because we are fighting this fight together. We must be strong in faith and stand strong as Christians and fight for our families.”

To see Legacy Peak, visit Pure Flix.

Jeannie Ortega Law is a reporter for The Christian Post. You can reach her at: [email protected] She is also the author of the book, What is happening with me? How to defeat your invisible enemy Follow her on Twitter: @jlawcp Facebook: JeannieOMusic

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