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We at Long Eaton Cricket Club recently celebrated our 50th anniversary as a club since it was reformed in 1972. Although the club was reformed in 1972, Cricket on West Park has existed since 1844 under the Long Eaton name.


The club is currently growing in all areas on and off the pitch. As a club we have three Saturday teams, a Sunday team, a women’s softball team, a women’s hardball team, a veterans team and the club offers junior cricket from All Stars through to U17.

The club has never had its own training facilities and we desperately need them as the club currently has a growing number of teams and playing members. We strive to build network facilities that are of a high standard so that we can continue to invest in our players for future generations. This, combined with our exciting future plans, will make us a more attractive club for players of all ages, genders and abilities.


It’s lovely to see cricket being played throughout the summer, especially in the local community. As a club we offer the community a space to play, watch cricket and be part of an ever-growing club.

The impact cricket nets would have on the club is gigantic as it would continue the club’s current great work of improving the current regulars and attract those who could improve our club. A permanent facility will allow the club’s teams to move closer together in terms of league positions. The club’s current priority is to close the gap between teams to make them more easily interchangeable and give our younger players more opportunities to develop and progress. The 2nd XI and 3rd XI started with both being promoted in the 2022 season.

As the club adds a women’s hardball team in 2022, the growth of club facilities is vital for us as a club to continue to improve and increase team numbers. The goal is to have this facility as a training center for everyone in the community to test, improve and give back to the community. 1678214277_under_15_league_winners_2021_+_2022.jpg

Long Eaton Cricket Club enjoys working with the local community. The club has a great relationship with the local council who have been very encouraging and supportive of the club’s development plan. The club has opened up to the local community to host events such as beer festivals, local charity games, 6-aside competitions, local groups looking to try the sport and a place for people from the local community.

Long Eaton Cricket Club aims to improve its infrastructure to enable the local community to enter the sport, develop their skills and contribute to a growing community and club group.


The main belief of Long Eaton Cricket Club is to continue supporting and growing the game of cricket. This belief is surrounded by the recent hosting of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Prior to the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, the country hosted the 2019 Cricket World Cup and global events such as the 2012 Olympics, which showcased a range of sports that inspired a generation and left a legacy.

Funds raised to build our facilities will create a “High Performance Center” for everyone to train and improve their skills. These facilities will help take all players to the next level in their development.

Long Eaton Cricket Club will work with an experienced installer of ECB approved synthetic surfaces. The selected installer has over 27 years of experience providing state of the art outdoor cricket net installations.


Once the work is complete, the club will maintain and maintain these facilities to the highest standard for years to come, with further plans already being discussed. These facilities will breathe new life into the club as they provide a platform for future growth.


  • Bringing new facilities to the club that it never had before.
  • Providing a safe environment and state of the art facilities for all members.
  • To expand the types of training we can offer.
  • To provide facilities to our playing members, they can improve their skills and provide new opportunities for people in the local community to join the cricket club.
  • Allow the club to hold open sessions to attract new members of all ages, genders and abilities.
  • The new facilities will improve all training sessions. Ultimately this will improve the standard of cricket we can produce.
  • These new facilities will increase our membership numbers as this should attract new players and this will make the club more sustainable for years to come.
  • These facilities provide our coaches with a better environment that supports the development of our younger players.

The money raised will initially be used to complete the earthworks. Once the earthworks are complete, the remaining funds will be used to install the new grid equipment.

There are three simple ways to help us achieve our goal and make this project a reality.

1. Make a promise – Don’t hesitate to support us because momentum is the key to our success!

2. Spread the word – Share our project on your social media pages and tell the world to get behind us! The more people we reach, the more support we get.

3. Offer Rewards – If you’re a local business, get involved by donating things that we can offer to our supporters. We will cheer for you!

Also, if you would like to run your own fundraiser to support us, perhaps a sponsored activity or similar, use the Contact Project button at the top of our page to let us know. Setting up your own site only takes a few minutes and you don’t need any bank details. Just a fun idea!


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