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Logitech G Cloud hands-on: For whom?

The Logitech G Cloud is possibly the world’s first dedicated cloud gaming system. A fascinating idea that would have been impossible just a few years ago. However, as services like Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now take hold, a handheld system that lets cloud servers do the heavy lifting is a viable concept. The Logitech G Cloud seems to implement this concept well; The question is whether anyone really needs it.

I had the opportunity to get my hands on the G Cloud at a Logitech press event and I was completely satisfied with its performance. On the other hand, I just couldn’t make a strong case for owning one – and I really couldn’t make a strong case for buying one, especially when the more versatile Nintendo Switch and Valve Steam deck fill the same niche, in the same price range.

Logitech G Cloud hands-on: price and release date

Logitech G Cloud

(Image credit: Future)

The Logitech G Cloud will begin shipping later this month via Logitech’s official website (opens in new tab). If you order it before October 17, it costs $300; Otherwise it costs $350.

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