Live Service Features That Pokemon Could Actually Improve

The Pokémon franchise could add a variety of live service gameplay features to new games that would improve the product and change its future.

the Pokemon Franchise continues to offer standalone titles with few post-launch updates, and while that formula continues to thrive with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violetsome MMO features could benefit the next game. Pokemon has started incorporating smoother gameplay and events into newer titles, a great example being the special Tera Raids that appear for a week or two and then disappear. These inclusions messed up the game a bit after initial completion and gave players a reason to come back after launch.


the latest game Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, contained many new firsts for the franchise. Features like different story arcs that can be completed in any order and fully free-roaming Pokémon, both of which are likely to become permanent fixtures in the series in the future. Although the game suffered from a rocky start, these features proved to be successful additions to Game Freaks Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. However, much could be added and improved upon to further the massive success of the Pokemon Franchise.

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What live service and MMO features could improve PokémonThe AI ​​Professor Sada in Pokémon Scarlet holds up a Master Ball to start the game's penultimate confrontation in Area Zero.

A handful of live service additions seen in games like MMOs could use some improvement Pokemon, starting with changes to gyms. The first idea here is to rotate gym teams so that a gym manager gets a different team each week. Rotating gyms are the other option that Pokemon sword and shield had something similar to other Gym Leaders that were out of rotation in the game. Other ideas for live service gameplay features include daily Pokémon catch quests and Evil Team Takedown events. These would award similar loot to Tera Raids, but could be diversified based on player activity and inspired by MMO dailies.

A Pokémon MMO game could be even better than Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Trainer holds glowing Pokeball towards the camera

The most significant and impactful live service feature is how gyms can be changed. Although it would be more work to have a gym leader for each type Pokemon all in the same region would be a fantastic experience. This coupled with rotating gym teams would add a lot of variety Pokemon MMO. The rewards not only give people a reason to play, but would also make a great gift to help new and old trainers power up their Pokemon.

Pokémon catch quests would task players with catching a specific Pokémon with specific requirements. This can be a specific number, size, or even a shiny version. Evil Team Takedown events involve the Generation Evil Team taking over a specific area of ​​the map. The player would then have to go to that area and break it out of Evil Team’s control.

These features would not fix the basic problems Pokemon has, but they would add more content to the game. The concept of a Pokemon MMO sounds exciting and could be even better than scarlet and violett. For some, there isn’t much to do after the first playthrough of a game, once the Pokédex is complete or Pokemonis simple shiny hunting is not of interest. Live service items would ensure longer shelf life for a new one Pokemon game and offer greater value to players.

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Source: Nintendo Unity/YouTube


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