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LG Smart TV: upgrade your home theater

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The LG Smart TV, especially the LG G3 OLED TV, is definitely worth considering if you are looking for the ultimate viewing experience. This TV is equipped with the latest AI technology and a sleek design that will take your home theater to the next level.

I recently bought the LG G3 OLED TV and I have to say I am blown away by the picture quality. The colors are so vibrant and the contrast is incredible. AI technology really makes a difference in selecting the best picture and sound settings for each scene, making the viewing experience even more immersive. I also love the fact that I can hang it on the wall and it looks like a piece of art. It’s perfect when I’m not watching anything and want to display something else.

LG OLED EVO and AI processor Gen6

LG Smart TV

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With the a9 AI processor Gen6 made exclusively for LG OLED, the LG OLED evo G series is a high-end TV. This processor improves the picture and performance of the TV, offering users even better picture quality than the previous model. With the Brightness Booster Max feature, the TV adjusts the picture for up to 70% brighter images, allowing users to see vivid, vibrant colors and incredible contrast even in well-lit rooms. The TV’s built-in AI technology and deep learning recognize what you’re watching and choose the best picture and sound settings for an immersive viewing experience.

A wall design and always ready

LG Smart TV

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A supplied wall bracket, which leaves practically no space between the wall and the TV when hanging, is a feature of the LG OLED evo G3. With this feature, the TV blends seamlessly into your environment, giving you a clean and modern look. When you’re not watching TV, you can view paintings, photos and other content, making the LG OLED evo G3 a versatile work of art. With this TV you don’t have to worry about hiding an unsightly screen in your living room.

LG Smart TV: webOS 23 and LG channels

LG Smart TV

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The LG OLED evo G3 comes with webOS 23 to make it easier for users to stream their favorite content. With next-generation AI technology, the TV offers less searching and more streaming. Users can enjoy their favorite content including fitness, sports, entertainment and more. Quick Cards allow users to group their favorite apps into categories and use the Magic Remote to quickly find what they’re looking for. The TV also offers access to over 300 free channels with LG Channels, making it easy to discover new content.

LG Smart TV: Dolby Vision and home cinema

LG Smart TV

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Users can expect an incredible home theater experience with the LG OLED evo G3. It features Dolby Vision for exceptional colour, contrast and brightness, and Dolby Atmos for all-round sound. With LG’s FILMMAKER MODE, users can immerse themselves in the action and see movies the way the director intended. With this TV, users can experience the magic of the big screen right from their couch.

LG Smart TV: 5-year panel guarantee

LG Smart TV

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The LG OLED evo G3 gives users the peace of mind of knowing they can continue watching with peace of mind thanks to its 5-year panel warranty. This industry-leading technology has been perfected over a decade and is now available to users who want the best picture quality and performance. With this TV, users can enjoy their favorite content without worrying about the longevity of the TV.

LG Smart TV: verdict

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The LG OLED evo G3 is a high-end TV that offers users incredible picture quality and performance. With a range of features including LG OLED EVO, ONE WALL DESIGN + ALWAYS READY, webOS 23 & LG CHANNELS, Dolby Vision + Home Theater and a 5 year panel warranty, this TV is a must have for those looking for the very best home entertainment. Users can immerse themselves in their favorite content with the LG OLED evo G3, and with the included wall mount it blends seamlessly into their surroundings.


Overall, the LG G3 OLED TV is a top-of-the-line product that offers an exceptional viewing experience. It’s perfect for those who want the best picture quality and the latest technology. The 5 year panel guarantee is also a great bonus, giving me the peace of mind that I will be able to enjoy my TV for years to come. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a high end TV.

Answer questions:

Ask: Does the TV have Alexa built in?

Answer: Yes, LG’s 83-inch OLED evo Smart TV G3 series has Alexa built-in.

Ask: Is the TV easy to set up and install?

Answer: Yes, the included wall mount and single-wall design make installation and setup easy. In addition, the Magic Remote allows for easy navigation through the webOS 23 and LG channels.

Ask: Can the TV be used for gaming?

Answer: Yes, the LG G3 Series 83-inch OLED evo Smart TV is great for gaming thanks to the high picture and sound quality and features like Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).


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