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The San Mateo Community College District (SMCCD Board of Trustees) should hear from residents of South San Francisco, San Bruno, Daly City and Pacifica about this unjust issue.

Skyline College was left out in terms of wellness center (gym) and pools, while College of San Mateo (CSM) and Canada College did. South County has the YMCA in San Mateo, the Jewish Community Center in Foster City, and the College of San Mateo.

Then Canada College just got a brand new spa and pools. Four major facilities are open to the community.

Skyline College has a tiny weight room that is not open to the community. Skyline College is just one of three colleges in the SMCCD (San Mateo Community College District) that has NOT received a spa or community pools.

We need more places that offer spas and pools in North County. Many seniors use CSM and Canada and Skyline should have too.

If I’m the only person who feels this way, nothing will happen. If people speak up, perhaps the SMCCD Board of Trustees, which decides on SMCCD’s funding, will listen.

Check out the newsletter below to see what they have up for the community.

We need this in North County.

Please contact the SMCCD Trustees NOW! (to read her CV and more information, CLICK HERE)

dr Lisa Petrides

area 1
[email protected]

John Pimentel

Board Vice President
area 5
[email protected]

[email protected]

Richard Holober

area 4
[email protected]

Mike Guingona

area 2
[email protected]

Lesly Ta

Student Trustee
[email protected]

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