AppleTV+ pachinkoStarring Lee Min Ho, Kim Min Ha, Youn Yuh Jung and more, it aims to reach a wider audience.

The platform partners with Lotte Cinema to commemorate the success of the novel-based TV show.

pachinko Episodes 1 through 3 are slated for release in theaters

According to a local media outlet, the eight-episode series will be released on the big screen.

During pachinko Originally premiered via Apple TV+, audiences had the chance to see episodes 1 through 3 on May 21 at 2pm at the Lotte Cinema World Tower.

A representative from Lotte Cinema reportedly added that this is to allow the public to witness the “elegant visual beauty of pachinko‘, which has received tremendous praise around the world.

After the announcement, viewers can apply for the preview on Lotte Cinema’s website.

Additionally, as part of the treat, selected winners will have the chance to receive a 3-month subscription to Apple TV+.

is pachinko Worth seeing?

Directed by Kogonada and Justin Chon, pachinko is based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name by Min Jin Lee.

It follows the story of Korean immigrants through the eyes of Sunja.

In the 1990s, a beautiful Korean woman had an unplanned pregnancy that left her family embarrassed.

Abandoned by her lover who has family in Japan, Sunja was rescued by a minister after he offered her marriage and promised to take her to Japan and start a new life.

Viewers witnessed the courage and faith of the female character despite the obstacles that came in her way. Apart from this, pachinko also illustrates Judgment, War and Love, beautifully portrayed thanks to the outstanding performance of the cast.

South Korean newcomer Kim Min Ha plays the role of teenager Sunja, while Oscar-winner Young Yuj Jung portrays the older version.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho took viewers’ breath away after portraying a surprising character. A far cry from his usual K-drama roles, the Hallyu star delivered a stunning portrayal of the enigmatic rich fish broker Ko Hansu.

Join the Stars pachinko The cast includes Jin Ha as Solomon Baek, Japanese-New Zealand actress Anna Sawai and more.

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Apple TV+ confirmed pachinko season 2

After the TV+ series aired its first three episodes, pachinko received a wave of overwhelming response from viewers and critics.

The K-Drama, directed by Per Rotten Tomatoes, Lee Min Ho and Kim Min Ha, earned a 98 percent tomatometer rating and a 95 percent audience rating.

That’s why the streaming platform has officially confirmed it pachinko would return for season 2.

Ahead of the season finale, series creator, writer, showrunner and executive producer Soo Hugh expressed his deep gratitude for “being able to continue telling the extraordinary story of this indomitable family.”

As received from Soompi who pachinko The creator said it’s “an honor to continue working with this amazing cast and crew,” which basically means the Apple TV+ series will be making a comeback.

As fans look forward to the highly-anticipated sequel, the series creator has not revealed any clues, including cast members who will be reprising their roles.

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