Layoffs hit the Washington Post

The Washington Post began laying off staff on Tuesday, according to a source familiar with the situation, anticipating cuts that have kept the editorial board in suspense for weeks and increasing frustration with management. Affected employees have been notified via email, the source said. A spokesman for post Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“We still have a lot to find out, including how many people will be affected and whether there will be efforts to find other jobs for people internally,” the guild said in an email to members on Tuesday, adding: “We are devastated for our colleagues and upset by The Post’s irresponsible and illogical decision-making. But we’re not done fighting or standing up for each other.”

post Office Staff have been adjusting to these cuts since early December, when the publisher released it fred ryan He dropped the message at the end of a more than hour-long town hall meeting and then stunned the room by refusing to take questions. On his way out, as staff pressed for more details on the “number of positions” he said would be eliminated in the first quarter of 2023, Ryan said from the aisle he didn’t want City Hall to “change into a grievance session for the guild,” a comment documented in a Video by an employee in the room. The staff were already unnerved, a few weeks earlier, editor-in-chief Sally Buzbee had killed them post Office‘s weekly magazine and with it the positions of the 10 employees of the magazine as well as a Pulitzer Prize-winning dance critic.

Since City Hall, guild members have said they pushed for answers about the layoffs in negotiation sessions and received no answers. In Tuesday’s email to members, the guild said it had “good reason to believe the number of people affected is far fewer than what Fred Ryan originally alluded to at City Hall. But to be clear, we believe that any downsizing is unacceptable right now – at a time of continued growth and expansion.”

Fear continued to mount last week as the billionaire owner jeff bezos made her first appearance at the newspaper’s K Street headquarters in over a year. Bezos who bought those post Office In 2013, he attended the morning news meeting alongside Ryan and Buzbee, and also met with top editors and a political reporter. During his visit, the Amazon founder was stopped by one post Office an employee in a red guild shirt who asked “why does the company fire people without first offering buyouts” The New York Times reports, to which Bezos “replied that he was with the post Office to listen, not to answer questions, and underlined his commitment to the post OfficeThe journalism of .

As a post Office Employee told me last week: “The post Office wants to be in the business of putting out the press, not being the press.” Reports of the post Office in recent months on everything from his business struggles to leadership issues, along with several high-profile departures. Bezos’ visit only increased media attention on paper The New York Post On Monday there was speculation that Bezos “may” sell it. post Office to buy a football team. The report, which found Bezos “told the paper’s executives in private meetings that he had no intention of selling the paper,” was dismissed by a newspaper spokesperson, who said The Washington Post is not for sale.

This article has been updated with the Post Guild response.


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