Kid LAROI’s Fortnite concert is happening this week

Fortnite’s next in-game concert is just around the corner and it seems that this time The Kid LAROI will be the one performing on stage.

Epic Games has announced the next in-game Fourteen days Music concert, confirming recent rumors about the collaboration with The Kid LAROI. It’s been a while since the last one Fourteen days Concert that has disappointed some fans as these are always exciting and unique events to experience in the game.

Every time there is one Fourteen days Update, leakers and data miners are always quick to jump on it and start investigating what’s new and might come into play in the coming days. A few weeks ago, one leak exposed the next Fourteen days concert as Fourteen days x The Kid LAROI collaboration. This was only a rumor for a few weeks but it was finally confirmed to be true.


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Finally, in a blog update, Epic Games revealed that The Kid LAROI’s Laroitown island will be available on January 27th. It is speculated that this event was the cause of last week’s event Fourteen days Update to be postponed, especially as the concert has been announced for either January 24th or 25th. Players visiting Laroitown during this time can attend the concert and hear The Kid LAROI’s most popular songs as well as his new music. There is also an after-party after the concert that shows the artist’s life on tour.

the kid laroi rewards for attending the event

As a reward for attending both parts of the event, fans will receive a loading screen, two sprays, and two lobby tracks; one track for “Love Again” and another for “Thousand Miles”. Quests to earn these rewards are only available until February 3rd, but fans who want the experience can enter Laroitown Isles until April 27th.

After 6:00 PM ET on January 27th, players can access Concert Island by visiting the Discovery tab with island code 2601-0606-9081 and the Afterparty Island with island code 4294-0410-6136. And as if that wasn’t enough collabs for one week, Epic Games has added Empty room content to Fourteen days – A collab bundle has been added to the Special Items & Bundles section of the Item Shop.

These aren’t the only quests coming this week, Epic Games has also added the temporary quests from week 8; Players will need to manage their time to get everything done by the end of the week if they want a chance to unlock as much XP as possible if they want to reach level 100 before the end of the season.

Fourteen days is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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Source: Epic Games


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