Kicking heads in UFC and reading IRL stories

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to take a look back at TheGamer’s best features over the past seven days. We’ve broken jaws with our feet, gotten mad at evil raiders in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (it’s me, I’m the evil raider), and even tried playing as the gym leader. Spoilers, it’s difficult. Maybe a little too difficult.

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It’s disturbing how good it feels to kick people in the head in UFC 4

UFC Anderson Silva KO's Vitor Belfort

UFC 4 is a boxing game that makes fighting more realistic, not like Mortal Kombat, bloody fireworks that tear the spine. And with that realism comes the ironically punchy weight of a good kick in the face. Foot to cheek, threw her back down, and over and over again, each punt more satisfying than the last. It’s weird that we enjoy it so much, but that’s what struck us when features editor Andy Kelly finally gave it a try, saying it’s “one of the best fighting games…in terms of feeling like you’re fighting someone.” rightfully hurt.”


Pokemon players don’t know how to raid

Pokemon players don't know how to raid Tera headers

Speaking of hurt, this week features editor Ben Sledge is getting annoyed at Pokémon players who don’t know how to raid. He’s been losing Crimson and Violet raids left, right, and center while other players are using underpowered mons that are, quite simply put, the wrong type. Don’t bring a fire type to a water fight. Granted, I’m not great either, so I’m sure I’d make a pretty bad partner for Ben in his raid attempts, but he has a handy little breakdown of what we’re all doing wrong, so maybe, just maybe , we won’t mess it up next time.

The success of Marvel Snap proves that more games should be made by smaller teams

Marvel Snap overpowers Thanos with his head

Marvel Snap is a smash hit. It’s a new card game with a faster pace and easier access for new players, all centered around fan-favorite Marvel characters. And it’s only getting easier to use, with plans to implement crafting to expand the ways players can earn cards. This is to allow us to earn the ones we want, rather than relying on the random luck of the ladder draw, get feedback in record time, and it’s all done by a small team. As features editor Eric Switzer writes, that only works in Marvel Snap’s favor, as such decisions would likely take much longer to approve, design and add with larger studios.

Being a Pokemon gymnast is hell

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Gym Leader Iono prepares for battle

We’ve all done it – rock up into a Grass-type gym with a Fire-type starter, burn the house down and slaughter (read: “knockout”) a few mons, and then rock out after we’ve completely rocked the pride of a gym leader. It’s hardly fair to them as they have a type to fight us with while we can put together a selection of counters and equals, but imagine playing like this. As Editor-in-Chief Stacey Henley writes, it’s no fun. Sometimes, even if it’s too high, it’s next to impossible as a countermove could keep you from having a chance of knocking out mon after mon until you get pushed into the pokecenter.

Pentiment understands that history is only IRL knowledge

Pentiment - Ulrich and Andreas in the bakery

I’m a sleuth bordering on embarrassment after hours of Dark Souls delving deep into demon culture based on the ruins we find in the games. I’ve read a ton of books in Skyrim, Morrowind, and Oblivion, and spent way too much time immersing myself in the world of The Witcher, reading the novels, playing the games, and also reading their in-game novels and to see the show . I love lore.

But as features editor Andrew King writes, the real-life lore is just as interesting, and Obsidian gets that with Pentiment. If there’s a word, phrase, or concept that’s so outdated and lost in history that you want to learn more about it, you can simply click on it and engage with it in-game, as it treats its medieval setting in a way that how RPGs treat their imagination and science. fi those.

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