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Kevin Hart nervously farts and fights Woody Harrelson in Netflix trailer The Man From Toronto.

Misidentity is no laughing matter; unless this scenario is expressly presented as such. The upcoming movie from Netflix and Sony The man from Toronto does just that by embarking on a scenario where troubled Kevin Hart has somehow been mistaken for badass Woody Harrelson. While trying to stay alive as a team, Hart and Harrelson get into some scuffles, with the former even having a case of nervous farting.

The fun begins when a mix-up with a rental property labels mill businessman Teddy (Kevin Hart)’s run as a professional hit man. As if that wasn’t bad enough, an oddly-timed FBI raid eventually forces Hart’s character to uphold his charade in the name of law and order. Of course, when the real man codenamed “Toronto” (Woody Harrelson) shows up, our protagonist is put under even more pressure to be the hardened killer he obviously isn’t.

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