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Kansas High School Football State Championship game preview

Maize Rushing's attack helped propel the Eagles into Saturday's Class 5A State Championship Game.

Maize Rushing’s attack helped propel the Eagles into Saturday’s Class 5A State Championship Game.


With the Kansas High School Football state playoff finals coming up this weekend, Varsity Kansas brings you a preview of all nine state championship games.

How to watch the KSHSAA state championship football games scheduled for Saturday? You’ll need a subscription to the NFHS Network to watch it, starting at $11.99 a month or $79.99 a year.

Below is a summary of each team’s trip to the state finals, along with the time and location that the championship game will be held in each classification.

Kansas Class 6A High School Football Championship Game

Who: Manhattan (12-0) vs. Gardner-Edgerton (9-3)

Where: Welch Stadium at Emporia State University

When: Saturday 1 p.m

How to see: NFHS Network

Manhattan (12-0)

W 26-23, at the Derby

W 59-7, Topeka

W 31-21, at Hays

W 28-25, Washburn Rural

W 58-7, near Emporia

W 44-7, at Junction City

W65-0, Lansing

W 56-28, Wichita Northwest

W 71-7, Wichita North

W 48-20, Wichita East

W 27-18, Wichita Northwest

W 28-23, Derby

Gardner-Edgerton (9-3)

W 63-32, Shawnee East Mission

W 56-6, Shawnee Mission South

W 36-19, at Olathe West

L 35-14, Mühltal

L 13-2, at Olathe North

W 35-7, Laurentius

W 41-14, near Olathe East

L 37-36, near Olathe South

W 42-21, Shawnee East Mission

W 28-19, Blue Valley Northwest

W 21-14, Blue Valley West

W 56-7, Olathe Northwest

Kansas Class 5A High School Football Championship Game

Who: Corn (12-0) vs. Mill Valley (11-1)

Where: Carnie Smith Stadium at Pittsburg State University

When: Saturday 1 p.m

How to see: NFHS Network

Corn (12-0)

W 78-7, near Topeka

W 42-14, at Andover Central

W 49-0, Newton

W 56-7, Salina South

W 63-26, at Maize South

W 52-51, in the derby

W 41-13, Hutchinson

W 59-14, campus

W 63-0, Salina South

W 43-14, capon Mt. Carmel

W 21-14, Hutchinson

W 42-9, hay

Mill Valley (11-1)

W 40-0, near Olathe Northwest

W 65-7, Shawnee West Mission

W 51-0, Shawnee Northwest Mission

W 35-14, at Gardner-Edgerton

W 45-14, Olathe South

W 58-6, at Shawnee Mission South

L 20-16, Olathe North

W 63-3, at Shawnee Mission East

W 69-0, Kansas City-Harmon

W 24-0, Shawnee Heights

W49-0, Pittsburgh

W 63-0, Blue Valley Southwest

Kansas Class 4A High School Football Championship Game

Who: Wamego (12-0) vs Bishop Miege (10-2)

Where: Lobster Sports Park in Topeka

When: Saturday 1 p.m

How to see: NFHS Network

Wamego (12-0)

W 45-6, tone center

W 34-7, at Marysville

W 46-0, at Concordia

W 51-16, in Kansas City, Washington

W34-6, Coffeyville

W 35-6, Shawnee Heights

W 48-0, near Clearwater

W 49-0, Abilene

W 56-11, Odysseus

W 35-8, Rosenberg

W 42-7, Andover Central

W 33-16, McPherson

Bishop Miege (10-2)

W 40-14, at Blue Valley North

W 42-0, Blue Valley Southwest

W 52-14, at St James Academy

W 28-21, Rockhurst (Mon.)

W 40-0, in the Blue Valley

L 29-26, St. Thomas Aquinas

W 48-13, Blue Valley West

L 28-21, at Blue Valley Northwest

W63-14, Ottawa

W 33-26, Eudora

W 68-20, Kansas City Piper

W 38-28, St. Thomas Aquinas

Kansas Class 3A High School Football Championship Game

Who: Andale (12-0) vs. Holton (11-1)

Where: Gowan’s Stadium at Hutchinson Community College

When: Saturday 1 p.m

How to see: NFHS Network

Andale (12-0)

W 63-14, at Wellington

W 60-7, at Rose Hill

W 58-19, Eldorado

W 57-8, Smoky Valley

W 108-0, at Nickerson

W 49-0, at Wichita Collegiate

W32-0, Cheney

W 42-14, near Pratt

W63-0, Goodland

W 45-6, Pratt

W 48-0, at Rock Creek

W 36-0, tone center

Holton (11-1)

L 35-28, Nemaha Headquarters

W 35-14, Sabetha

W 49-7, at Hiawatha

W 49-18, Perry-Lecompton

W 48-15, in the Royal Valley

W 48-17, near Rossville

W 37-13, Topeka Hayden

W 53-7, at Jefferson West

W 49-16, Santa Fe Lane

W 56-0, Episcopal district

W 47-27, at Girard

W 48-17, Topeka Hayden

Kansas Class 2A High School Football Championship Game

Who: Kingman (12-0) vs. Nemaha Central (12-0)

Where: Salina district stadium

When: Saturday 1 p.m

How to see: NFHS Network

Kingman (12-0)

W 28-14, at Cheney

W36-0, Conway Springs

W 64-6, Wichita Trinity Academy

W 63-7, at Douglass

W 28-0, at Hesston

W 35-7, chaparral

W 42-0, near Haven

W 40-7, garden level

W49-7, Hillsboro

W33-6, Ellsworth

W 35-6, at Beloit

W 28-22, southeast of Saline

Nemaha Central (12-0)

W 35-28, at Holton

W 71-15, Koenigstal

W 46-13, Perry-Lecompton

W 78-0, at Horton

W 67-6, at Jefferson West

W56-0, Minneapolis

W 34-12, in Riley County

W 24-7, Sabetha

W 74-6, pleasant ridge

W 36-13, Rossville

W 44-20, near Humboldt

W 30-14, Sabetha

Kansas Class 1A High School Football Championship Game

Who: Inman (11-1) vs. St Marys (10-2)

Where: Lewis Field at Fort Hays State University

When: Saturday 1 p.m

How to see: NFHS Network

Inman (11-1)

W 46-12, Marion

W 42-24, Sedgwick

W 54-14, at Remington

W 40-0, at Sterling

W 21-3, Hutchinson Trinity

W38-0, at Ellinwood

L35-14, at Conway Springs

W 58-6, medical lodge

W 36-7, Ellis

W 47-0, at Oakley

W 28-6, Smith Center

W 23-6, at Conway Springs

St. Mary (10-2)

W 20-13, Rossville

L 41-20, Felsenbach

L 43-16, at Silver Lake

W 64-0, at Oskaloosa

W 65-14, at Valley Falls

W 45-0, Jefferson County North

W 56-0, in Mission Valley

W 58-6, McLouth

W 46-14, Jackson Heights

W 26-0, Troy

W 36-12, in Pittsburg-St. Marys Colgan

W 46-16, Centralia

Kansas High School Football 8-Man Division 1 Championship Game

Who: Little River (11-1) vs. Wichita County (12-0)

Where: Fisher field in Newton

When: 3:30 p.m. Saturday

How to see: NFHS Network

Little River (11-1)

L 66-36, in Canton-Galva

W 57-6, Rural View

W 46-14, Ell Saline

W 56-6, Solomon

W 46-0, at Moundridge

W48-0, Herington

W 54-0, at Pretty Prairie

W 60-14, Goessel

W 60-12, Argon Attica

W60-14, Madison

W 48-40, near Chase County

W 48-0, at Burlingame

Wichita County (12-0)

W 76-0, at Wheatland-Grinnell

W 56-6, at Elkhart

W 56-28, Hoxie

W 57-0, John

W 56-8, Speerville

W 56-20, at Meade

W 60-0, Sublette

W 57-0, at Südgrau

W66-0, LaCrosse

W 64-20, Hoxie

W 58-12, in Rawlins County

W 76-30, at Hill City

Kansas High School Football 8-Man Division 2 Championship Game

Who: Axtell (12-0) vs. Thunder Ridge (11-1)

Where: Fisher field in Newton

When: 11 a.m. Saturday

How to see: NFHS Network

Axel (12-0)

W 82-38, at Cair Paravel

W54-0, Hartford

W 58-12, at Clifton-Clyde

W 56-0, Linn

W 62-0, at Blue Valley Randolph

W 62-14, Hanover

W 62-14, Frankfurt

W 68-0, at Doniphan West

W 68-8, Hechttal

W50-0, Hutchinson Central Christian

W 52-6, at Osborne

W 36-32, Canton Glava

Thunder Ridge (11-1)

W 74-58, Alma (Neb.)

W 54-8, at Rock Hills

L 48-22, hill town

W 46-0, at Logan-Palco

W 54-6, at Lakeside Downs

W 55-6, Wheatland-Grinnell

W50-0, at St. Francis

W42-6, Wallace County

W62-0, Wilson

W50-0, Hodgeman County

W 62-46, near Victoria

W 58-12, Dighton

Kansas High School Football 6 Man Championship Game

Who: Cunningham (12-0) vs. Ashland (10-1)

Where: Dodge City Memorial Stadium

When: Saturday 1 p.m

How to see: NFHS Network

Cunningham (12-0)

W 38-30, at Ashland

W 47-0, Natoma

W 65-13, hunting

W 42-0, at Tescott

W 46-0, at Pawnee Heights

W 57-6, southern Coffey County

W72-0, Burton

W 1-0, at Southern Cloud

W 65-0, Natoma

W 58-12, Wetmore

W 60-12, at Waverly

Ashland (10-1)

L38-30, Cunningham

W 56-6, Golden Plain

W 50-28, at Cheylin

W 78-33, at Deerfield

W 55-6, Rolla

W 74-26 in Moscow

W 64-14, Ingalls

W 62-14, Golden Plains

W 68-20, North Valley

W 78-34, Cheylin

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