Ruby, a working K-9 for the Rhode Island State Police and former shelter dog, remains in a shelter outside of the State Police Barracks in North Kingstown, RI on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

PROVIDENCE, RI (AP) — A Rhode Island dog whose inspirational story from guard dog to life-saving police K-9 became the subject of a recent Netflix film has been euthanized.

State police said Sunday K-9 Ruby was euthanized Friday after contracting a “sudden, acute and untreatable illness.” She was 11 years old.

State Police Superintendent Col. Darnell Weaver expressed his gratitude for K-9 Ruby’s years of service.

“K-9 Ruby has dedicated her life to serving the people of Rhode Island and has been a positive influence on every person she has ever dealt with,” he said in a statement. “She became a symbol of hope for all shelter dogs and showed the world what a shelter dog can do if you just give them love and a chance to shine.”

Ruby served with the Rhode Island State Police for 11 years and was treated by Corporal Daniel O’Neil, Weaver said.

Part Australian Shepherd, part Border Collie, Ruby was one of the first shelter dogs to be trained for service with the Rhode Island State Police. She participated in numerous search and rescue missions and made several public appearances throughout her career.

Rhode Island State Police Cpl.  Daniel O'Neil poses with his partner Ruby, a state police K-9 and former shelter dog, in front of the state police barracks in North Kingstown, RI on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.  The Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix will be starring in a Netflix movie titled "Saved by Ruby"which chronicles the dog's life after being returned to a shelter five times as an uncontrollable pup, to an eleven-year-old veteran who searches and rescues K-9.

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Ruby rose to fame in 2017 when she tracked down a teenager who was badly injured while hiking in the woods. As it turned out, the boy was the son of the shelter worker who fought to keep her from being euthanized.

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