Jung_E: What you should know about Netflix’s dystopian action thriller before you watch it

It’s always refreshing to see someone who’s known for making great horror movies follow their hit horror movies with something different, much like some of Yeon Sang-ho’s work since they made one of the best Asian horror movies in recent times . Train to Busan. The latest from the South Korean filmmaker to begin producing anime is a new Netflix Original film called Boy, which is unlike anything he’s done before and has captivated audiences since it was released. See why and what’s known about the streaming hit before you try it for yourself in our spoiler-free breakdown.

Jung_E is a South Korean futuristic sci-fi thriller

Yeon’s third Netflix exclusive – following the 2018 fantasy comedy psychokinesis and the original Netflix horror TV show infernal from 2021 — Boy Set in the 22nd century, years after mankind fled an uninhabitable earth for shelter in outer space, civil war broke out. Captain Yun Jung-yi (Kim Hyun-joo) rose to fame for leading the Allies to victory against the rebellious Republic of Adrian until a failed mission left them in a coma. Years after her family decided to digitize her consciousness, a major tech company begins cloning her brain in hopes of creating the perfect combat AI, nicknamed Jung_E.

At its core, it really is a mother-daughter story


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