JK relocation data showed that North Carolina and Florida are the most popular relocation destinations for those leaving Maryland and Virginia in 2022

STERLING, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE). Virginia and Maryland.

“To plan ahead, we like to review our year-end data for moving trends. Most people move within the region in which they currently live. What we’ve seen in moving out over the past year has been a keen interest in people in the DC area moving south and west — a shift from 2021 when northern locations and Florida were popular,” said David Cox, President of JK Moving. “Additionally, the number of relocation requests has remained robust even as home sales have declined.”

JK Moving operates nationwide and monitors inquiries from potential customers throughout the year. The data provides insight into home relocation trends, particularly in the Washington, DC metro area where the company is headquartered. Data from customer inquiries showed these trends for people considering moving:

  • Californians topped the list of people asking about moving to the area. By far, however, most Californians were headed for Texas.

  • Florida and North Carolina were cited most frequently for Marylanders and Virginians moving abroad.

  • The DMV was a top travel destination for Floridians.

  • DC residents leaving the area most frequently cited California and New York as their moving locations.

  • California, Texas, Florida and New York had the most people leaving their states.

Southward exodus is a trend and is consistent with a recent report from the National Association of Realtors, which forecasts that many southern state real estate markets will outperform in 2023 due to a variety of economic factors as well as affordability.

To meet the ever-evolving needs of customers, JK Moving is an early adopter of innovative technologies that create a safer working environment and a better, more streamlined customer experience. Innovations include building a 24/7 call center to improve customer experience; Development of AI-driven tools that allow customers to conduct real-time virtual surveys about their goods; and creating a downloadable mobile app that works with the AI ​​survey platform to allow customers to review estimates, make payments, and communicate with their moving team. Additionally, JK has equipped its entire fleet with dashcam technology to encourage the safest driving practices. The culture of innovation also includes sustainability. The company was one of the first to order Tesla tractor-trailers, has embraced new technology that advances its aggressive carbon emissions reduction goals, and is leading with boxless movements and major recycling efforts.


For 40 years, JK Moving Services – the largest independently owned moving company in North America – has provided local, long distance and global moving services to a wide variety of business, residential and government clients. Headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, the company was voted Independent Mover of the Year by the American Trucking Association and has a professionally trained, full-time staff of moving and move management professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of customer care.


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