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Jin from BTS, Felix from Stray Kids and more

K-pop idols rarely find time for their hobbies. With touring, dance rehearsals, frequent promotional appearances, and tight schedules, it’s no wonder artists find little time to explore new activities. Luckily, whenever they have the time, K-pop idols jump at the opportunity to do what interests them personally. Often they also share their different interests with the fans.

Whether it’s the captivating art of SEVENTEEN’s The8 or Stray Kids’ Bang Chan organizing Chan’s Room to respond to and appreciate other K-Pop songs, most of them spend their precious free time with the, what you love.

Interestingly, some K-pop idols are hardcore gamers and have shown their gaming skills in different segments. Some even take the time to play online with their fans and showcase their competitive sides.

Check out these six K-pop idols who are verified hardcore online gamers.

6 K-Pop Idols That Can Easily Beat You In An Online Gaming Match

1) Jin and Jungkook from BTS

Jin and Jungkook, the eldest and youngest of BTS, are certified professional players and are often seen playing intense matches online. That Great tuna The singer is known for spending his free time playing games. Jin once said that he can easily spend his entire weekend staying at home and playing games.

Jin recently joined NEXON, a South Korean video publisher, and considering his love for Maple Story, the idol seems very excited about his new job.

Meanwhile, Maknae from BTS loves playing Overwatch and is quite famous in the gaming community for its gameplay.

2) Felix from Stray Kids

Video games Felix is ​​playing!! 🥰 League of Legends, Genshin, Call of Duty, Apex Legends! https://t.co/98gaMnNkYt

Aside from growling cheekily with his deep voice and driving his fans crazy, Felix enjoys spending his time on the internet and playing several video games.

In an interaction with a fan, Felix revealed that he currently plays League of Legends, Call of Duty, Genshin Impact, and Apex Legends. Additionally, for Genshin, his team includes Baal, Ayaka, Bennett, and Qiqi, who together form a strong defensive group.

3) Twice Mina

Mina finally became the fish she always wanted to be in Animal Crossing https://t.co/po8Xcy8Uph

Mina’s love for TWICE video games began long before her K-Pop career began. The Japanese-born idol shared that growing up in Japan, she played Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS and Bandai’s Tamagotchi, a portable egg-shaped pet simulator.

Since then, her interests have expanded with Minecraft and Animal Crossing. Apparently the Likey The singer has also bought a gaming PC and is looking forward to enhancing her online gaming experience. In fact, there is no doubting how much Mina loves playing video games.

4) Healing of ENHYPEN

Omg I didn’t know Heesung is a League of Legends player and knowing Koreans they are really good at it 😭😭😭https://t.co/eWF9kn8k74

The fourth-generation K-pop idol confessed during a V-Live that “game is life,” a phrase that all gamers can agree with, especially all of the K-pop idols on this list.

In fact, Heesung’s love of games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Kartrider, Crazy Arcade, and Animal Crossing proved he wasn’t kidding about gaming being his life. Besides the drunk drunk Singer is also a pro at playing League of Legends.

Fans can watch him play through his own EN-loG on YouTube. One day the fans might get lucky too and play with him.

5) Sakura by LE SSERAFIM

sakura miyawaki LE SSERAFIM iz*one Fortnite Kid Dance Queen who invented Fortnite https://t.co/h8tkaIDyou

Japanese K-pop idols are undoubtedly pros when it comes to online gaming. Like Mina, LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura is known for her gaming skills. Additionally, the ex-IZ*ONE member has made a name for herself in the gaming community as she used to live stream and later uploaded her videos to YouTube.

Thankfully, fans can watch them play online. However, some of the games she enjoys playing include Fortnite, Splatoon 2, and Apex Legends. Judging from a video posted online of the singer performing a classic Fortnite dance, fans can easily guess what her favorite online game is.

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