Jimmy Kimmel launched a monologue at Disney’s Upfront presentation in New York on Tuesday (May 17) in response to Netflix’s “smug b*****ds” for launching ads on his streaming service.

The late-night host drew no punches as he blasted the US-based streaming company over its decision to go with an ad-supported subscription plan after years of claiming Netflix would remain ad-free.

“You know, I say ‘f*** Netflix’ every year. And this year it’s come true,” Kimmel said in his streamer’s roast of a drop in subscribers and recent layoffs due to “slowing revenue growth.”

Netflix last month saw its global subscriber count fall for the first time in its decade-long history. The news was followed by a massive sell-off in its shares — causing the stock to fall 23 percent in after-market trading on April 19.

“Netflix has lost subscribers for the first time ever; things are really tough over there,” Kimmel addressed the congregation in New York, adding, “They have layoffs today. I heard they might not even be able to get Emily back from Paris.”

Kimmel’s joke about the popular Netflix title Emily in Pariswhich follows its millennial American protagonist after she moves to the city of love for her dream job, followed the news that Netflix would lay off 150 employees.

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Netflix was laying off 2 percent of its entire workforce — mostly in the US — because it was offloading “business needs rather than individual performance.”

Kimmel also joked about Netflix’s recent crackdown on password sharing during his scathing monologue, saying, “Remember when Netflix openly encouraged us to share passwords? We asked ourselves, “How do these people make money?” Turns out they don’t.”

“So now they’re coming for our advertising money – technically your money, but you know what I mean. And it sucks,” he continued.

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Jimmy Kimmel toasts Netflix on the switch to the ad model at the 2022 Disney Upfront presentation

(Twitter/Tiffany Hsu)

While Netflix reported its quarterly earnings, it seemed to blame users who share their subscriptions for the declining subscriber count, allowing people to use the service without paying for it.

“Although I have to admit it feels really good to see them deign to sell ads after years of being choked the life out of us by those smug b*****ds,” Kimmel said at Disney -Presentation.

“Everyone loves Bridgeton‘ he continued, talking about Netflix’s popular Regency-era drama, before adding, ‘how much do you think they’re going to love it when it’s punctuated by a tech commercial every four minutes, you million- Dollar D***s? We already have the Netflix with commercials — it’s called Hulu. Salute to Hulu, the Stephen Baldwin of streaming platforms.”

In a note to its employees, Netflix said it’s preparing to launch a cheaper, ad-supported subscription plan by the end of this year. It also suggested that the company would be enforcing stricter rules on password sharing around the same time, The New York Times reported on May 10th.

Kimmel appeared at the event via video conference after announcing that he had tested positive for Covid-19 for the second time this month. In his absence, Andy Samberg and John Mulaney hosted ABCs Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday (May 18).

During his monologue, Kimmel also cracked jokes at the expense of Disney CEO Bob Chapek, network channels, Disney+, Paramount+ and the “plusterf***” of streaming services available to US audiences.

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