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Jason David Frank’s Legend of the White Dragon Sets release date

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Iconic Jason David Frank’s latest film has announced its release date.

Per meetingthe North American theatrical release date of Bat in the Sun and Bascule Productions’ Legend of the White Dragon was set for Labor Day weekend 2023. This coincides with Frank’s 50th birthday. Frank tragically passed away in November 2022.

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Directed by Aaron and Sean Schoenke, Legend of the White Dragon Stars Frank as Erik Reed, better known as the titular character, who exists in a space not too dissimilar to Frank’s Power Rangers Root. Reed is forced to clear his name after years of hiding. Aaron Schoenke plays the villainous Dragon Prime, an enigmatic antagonist whose own plot sidesteps Reed’s exploits.

Aaron Schoenke said of working with Frank, “We are proud to have worked with such a talented actor and we are grateful for the opportunity to share his latest performance with the world. I’ve been on this journey with Jason for 10 years, I know he would be beyond excited to find out Legend of the White Dragon Sean Schoenke added, “Despite the tremendous loss, the production team worked tirelessly to complete the film and ensure it lived up to the high standards Jason set for himself. The result is a powerful and moving tribute to his talent and dedication.”

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Power Rangers Legacy by Jason David Frank

Frank made his unforgettable debut as Tommy Oliver in the multi-part episode “Green With Evil” from the 1993 original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series. Initially, Tommy played the role of Rita Repulsa’s Green Ranger before being freed from her curse and joining the heroes in their fight against evil. Thus began the most indelible legacy of any Power Ranger, spanning multiple coats ranging from his original Green to White Ranger transformation, as well as Red Zeo, Red Turbo, and Black Dino Ranger. In the ongoing BOOM! In the studios comic book timeline, Tommy was even given a second chance to be evil in the form of Lord Drakkon, who has become a fast fan favorite, not to mention one of the deadliest villains the eponymous heroes have ever faced have met.

Legend of the White Dragon arrives September 1st in select theaters across North America.

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