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Is the movie on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max?

The Woman Kingstarring Viola Davis and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, the new historical epic enlightened cinema screens and audiences alike upon its September 16 release. The film, in which Davis is the leader of the Agojie – a legendary band of women warriors from the African kingdom of Dahomey – premiered with a robust $19 million in grossing in its opening weekend and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics (it has a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Prince-Bythewood, best known for her early breakthrough Love & Basketball and more recently, the Netflix action hit The Old GuardShe relishes the opportunity to do big, bold action extravaganzas with black women. While that’s always been her goal, Hollywood hasn’t been interested in it for a long time. “[This] was where I wanted to go early in my career,” she told Polygon. “The industry hadn’t caught up with me yet. The doors have long been closed, at least in the Women’s Action Room.” Now, with the help of Prince-Bythewood, they’re opening.

Given the excitement surrounding the film, many viewers are probably wondering how soon they’ll be able to stream The Woman King At home. See below for more information on how to watch the film.

How to stream The Woman King

From now on, The Woman King is only available in theaters – a distribution decision that appears to have paid off given the amount of money the film has made in just a week of its release.

The film will be distributed by Sony, which is still the only major Hollywood studio without its own streaming platform. (Warner Bros. Discovery has HBO Max, for example, while Paramount has Paramount+.) Instead, as The Wrap points out, Sony has a deal with Netflix, which regularly hosts its films after they’re in theaters. There’s no way to know exactly when The Woman King will appear on Netflix – it could take up to six months – but it’s safe to assume it will eventually stream there.

The film is also available to rent via VoD platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and Vudu ahead of its release on Netflix – likely between 45 and 60 days after its initial release. For the time being, however, viewers who want to experience it The Woman King an option for himself: the big screen.

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