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Is the Aubrey Plaza Movie Coming to Theaters?

this august, John Patton Ford shares Emily the criminal, his first feature film, which he both wrote and directed. He chose American crime for his big screen debut, focusing on a woman whose debt wars and flawed economic system are pushing her to the limit. Emily Benetto (AubreyPlaza) is a single young adult woman living in Los Angeles but not living her dream. The weight of student loan debt makes it impossible for her to amass wealth, and her light criminal record certainly doesn’t help her find a well-paying job either. She makes do with whatever she can find to pay the bills, but she feels unsatisfied.

Desperate, she enters the criminal sphere of credit card fraud by buying products with stolen credit cards. Youcef (Theo Rossi) supplies her with the cards, and her interest in the business gradually increases with the quick bucks she’s making. As her addiction to the money grows, so does her relationship with Youcef, and together they make plans to expand the scope of their illicit business. Here’s how you can watch the film.


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When will Emily the criminal be released?

Vertical Entertainment and Roadside Attractions are published Emily the criminal in cinemas on Friday, August 12, 2022. The film had its world premiere in 2022 Sundance Film Festival on January 24th.

Is Emily the criminal streaming online?

When, no news yet Emily the criminal will be available for streaming, nor on which streaming service they will be made available. With any luck, the film will get a digital and/or streaming release a few months after its theatrical premiere.

Vertical Entertainment and Roadside Attractions both released the official trailer on July 6, 2022. Check it out below now.

In this trailer, viewers meet the ambitious, enterprising Emily and Youcef, the head of the smooth-talking organization. From this insight into the film, it is very clear that the audience will not follow a shy female protagonist. Rather, Emily is a picture of determination and determination while fully embracing the gig that buys her freedom. This won’t be without perils, however, as other less savory personalities in Los Angeles become threats. Not to mention, the LAPD won’t just rest while Emily and Youcef get rich from their thefts.

What is the critical reception of Emily the Criminal?

Emily the criminal originally premiered earlier this year on January 24, 2022 at the Sundance Film Festival. Since then, it has received many positive reviews from viewers and critics. With a 92% Rotten Tomatoes rating and a 74% Metacritic rating, Plaza’s gripping, realistic thriller has earned its place among other American crime films.

While the film is a suspenseful thriller and a look at crime, it is also a commentary on social class, unaffordable higher education, and the obstacles that prevent decent people from finding a job with a decent salary. Check out this excerpt our rating of Emily the criminal written by Collider’s own Ross Bonaime:

Emily the criminal works due to a remarkable performance from Plaza, whose intensity and world-weariness make her someone not to be messed with. Even if she seems to lose in every situation she’s in, it always seems like her persistent attempts at victory bring her back to the top. That kind of ferocity and strength is a great tone for Plaza, and it’s hard not to get caught up in her drive to just stay afloat. Plaza has always been a compelling actress, but this is a whole new side of her that we’ve never seen before and could arguably be her best performance yet.

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More Movies Like Emily the Criminal You Can Watch Now

Below is a list of similar cinematic thrills, some tackling larger social issues and others simply following the intricate, diverse journeys criminals can undertake.

focus (2015): American filmmaker John Requa and Glen Ficarra collaborated to write and direct the imposter drama focus. Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith) is a professional con artist who follows in his father’s footsteps and pursues a full-time career based on deception. His travels lead him to meet a novice con artist, Jess Barrett (Margot Robbie), whom he reluctantly accepts as an apprentice. Their professional and personal lives soon intersect in chaotic ways, and the downsides run so deep that audiences forget what’s real and what’s not. Watch as Nicky and Jess risk their hearts, testing their limits and stretching the skills of confidence tricks.

focus is available for streaming on Tubi TV.

The informant (2019): Italian actor and filmmaker Andrea di Stefano directs the British crime thriller The informant. Peter Koslow (Joel Kinnamann), the son of Polish immigrants and a convicted felon, serves as an undercover informant for the FBI in the deal that got him out of prison. After impersonating a drug dealer, he earns the trust of a Polish criminal organization that deals in fentanyl. Special Agent Wilcox (Rosamund Pike) organizes a mission to arrest the organization’s leaders, confiscate the drugs, and pull Koslow out of the operation. But when the mission goes awry, Koslow fights for his survival and freedom. The informer will stop at nothing to keep his wife (Ana de Armas) and daughter safe…even if that means breaking the law, breaking old promises, and informing for his own sake.

The informant is now streaming on Prime Video.

Three billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri (2017): British-Irish playwright Martin McDonagh directs the crime drama Three billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri, for which he won a Golden Globe Award and BAFTA. Missouri woman Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) mourns the rape and murder of her daughter, adding to her grief that the perpetrator was not found. Furious at law enforcement’s failure to avenge her daughter’s death, she rents three billboards urging the local police chief for zero arrests in her daughter’s case. Chief Bill Willoughby (Woody Harrelson) and Officer Jason Dixon (Sam Rockwell) react negatively and react to Hayes’ public attack in very different ways. Refusing to back down, Hayes keeps the billboards up and resorts to any means necessary to hear her voice and that of her dead daughter. Expect tense confrontations, violent outbursts and a female protagonist who cares little about the law when it comes to her daughter.

Three billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri is now streaming on Fubo TV.

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