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Is Netflix’ Daredevil Now MCU Canon? Charlie Cox responds to argument

The Daredevil canon debate has been an ongoing discussion for Marvel fans across the fandom, and has since moved even further following the announcement of Daredevil: Reborn at San Diego Comic-Con 2022.

Aside from the fact that the upcoming series will make history due to its 18 episodes on Disney+, it’s expected to be a must-watch as it should finally address the question of whether the events of the Netflix series are canon.

Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio’s performances as their respective Marvel characters in Spider-Man: No Way Home and hawk eye, didn’t help answer the question about the Netflix shows’ canonicity. As a result, this led to a passionate debate that is visible even before Daredevil’s guest-starring role in She-Hulk: Lawyer.

She Hulk and Daredevil

Now Cox has addressed the confusion in a new interview.

Charlie Cox clears up Daredevil canon confusion

Charlie Cox was asked about the events of Netflix by ScreenRant daredevil are canon for the MCU.

Daring Avengers

While the Marvel actor didn’t offer a definitive answer, he did point out that he has a feeling it is “Brand New Business” because it is called reborn and the fact that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige “speaks more like Season 1 than Season 4:”

“Yes I do not know. But my instinct is based on the name of the show, it’s called Born Again, the fact… that Kevin [Feige] speaking of it being a season 1 and not a season 4, my feeling is this is a whole new deal you know?

This isn’t the first time Cox has brought up the Daredevil canon debate.

In a previous interview with Extra TV, the Marvel actor explained that reborn “is a new beginning” With “new ideas” and will not be tied to the Netflix series:

“I do not know anything. I haven’t seen a script… My feeling is, based on the title ‘Born Again’, I think the sense is that it’s a new beginning, it’s going to be different, that’s it’s going to be completely different. There will be new stories and new ideas.”

Cox also spoke about his upcoming reunion with Vincent D’Onofrio in the Disney+ series, noting that it’s a “significant occasion” if he is allowed to walk with the actor on the set:

Screenrant: “Reunited with Kingpin and Vincent [D’Onofrio]?”

Cox: “Yes, my dear, dear friend and nemesis.”

Screenrant: “…How does that feel…how excited are you to go from head to toe?”

Cox: “Sometime in the future there will come a day when I’m in New York, I get to work, I put on my costume and I go on set with him, and that’s going to be a momentous occasion. I’m so emotional just thinking about it. Like we haven’t had that since we shot the scene at the end of Season 3 where the big fight and emotional dialogue that we have hasn’t been on set together since. So, it’s going to be six years, so…I can’t wait to share this moment with this lovely man on set, delving deep into these characters and writing great stories.”

Why Daredevil: Born Again will FINALLY reveal what is and isn’t canon

While it’s clear that Charlie Cox knows the answer to whether Netflix’s daredevil Whether it’s canon for the MCU or not, the actor’s recent comments should increase anticipation for the Disney+ series.

Cox’s recent comment also adds to the growing evidence for this Daredevil: Reborn is its own thing, but it still doesn’t ignore the idea of ​​retaining some elements of the Netflix series, such as B. the cast and story threads worth continuing.

However, the question of how remains Daredevil: Reborn will address the canon confusion. Although the show doesn’t have a fourth-wall-breaking element, the answer can be directly mentioned She Hulkis it possible that it is addressed through dialogue or the series presents a conflicting storyline that completely negates the events of the Netflix show.

Hopefully the answer will come sooner rather than later so fans can move on and embrace Daredevil’s new adventure in the MCU.

Daredevil: Reborn is set to premiere on Disney+ in spring 2024.

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