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Is Matt’s father still alive?

Christmas at the mistletoe farm is a brand new addition to Netflix’s exciting vacation movies roster. The feel-good Christmas special was released this Wednesday, November 23, 2022 on the popular streaming platform. Debbie Isitt served as both the writer and director of the film.

It is steeped in the spirit of Christmas, bringing the warmth and joy of the festive season to the audience. The official synopsis for Christmas at the mistletoe farmas stated by Netflix is:

“After inheriting a farm at Christmas time, a widowed father adjusts happily to village life – while his children make plans to stay there forever.”

The cast list for Netflix Christmas at the mistletoe farm Includes Scott Garnham as Matt Cunningham, Kathryn Drysdale as Miss Ashley, Scott Paige as Beano, Delilah O’Riordan as Rosie, Madison Davis as Lily, Evan Scott as Charlie, Dexter Sol Ansell as Buster, Faith Delaney as Violet, Ashley Jensen as Ms Fletcher and a few others.

Since the arrival of Christmas at the mistletoe farm On Netflix, it has garnered positive reactions from audiences, especially younger viewers, for its warm and alluring storyline, intriguing setting, and powerful revelation at the end.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in and find out all about the ending of Christmas at the mistletoe farm turned out.

The end of Netflix Christmas at the mistletoe farm explained

Where is Matt taking his kids just before Christmas?

I’m happy to share the trailer for my latest film CHRISTMAS ON MISTLETOE FARM exclusively for NETFLIX out November 23rd 🎄 I loved making this film with such wonderful people and animals #Netflix #COMF https://t.co/GO8uaR24xK

the heartwarming movie Christmas at the mistletoe farmis about a single father and his five young children who live in a charming little village called Cobbledon.

The village has a mistletoe farm, which Matt now owns after his father wrote it down to him. Although they haven’t been in touch for a long time, he decides to visit the village with his children just before Christmas.

In the city, his boss assigns him to a project and he believes that the village will be the perfect place for him to prepare the all-important pitch for the project, since he can work in peace and quiet in the village atmosphere of the all the hustle and bustle of city life.

However, when Matt reaches the farm, he finds that managing the farm will not be an easy task as he takes care of the farm animals and the children while doing his office work. He begins to face a really difficult situation in the village.

Does Matt sell the farm to the developers?

After a series of mischievous events caused by his kids and farmhand Beano, Matt is finding it really difficult to keep up with his office work. He is very upset about the whole situation and forgets that the children in the village are really happy and have developed a loving bond with the villagers.

At one point, Matt’s frustration peaks and he decides to sell the house to the rehabilitation companies. With the help of all the other villagers, the kids and Beano manage to send her away, which annoys Matt even more. Later, realizing his mistake, Beano goes to town and lets the developers buy the farm.

But by then, Matt has realized that leaving the village and selling the farm will be a huge mistake, as they will bring the greatest joy and warmth to his children’s lives and his own life, as he becomes the village vet Miss Ashley fell in love. So he decides not to sell it.

Will Matt see his father after all this time?

When Matt finds out what Beano has done, he becomes very concerned as he no longer wants to sell and keep the farm. At the moment, the village lawyer comes to the rescue with a contract from Matt’s father, who has ensured that under no circumstances can the farm be sold to anyone else.

So the farm stays with the family. At the very end, an old man dressed as Santa Claus comes to the farm and when Matt sees him, he reveals himself to be his father. He is quite shocked by the fact that he thought his father died which is why he was given the estate. When they get together, the whole family reconciles and celebrates a Merry Christmas at Mistletoe Farm.

Don’t forget to look Christmas at the mistletoe farmcurrently streaming on Netflix.

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