Is Garden Paws like Animal Crossing? answered

Garden Paws takes inspiration from other farming and life simulation games and starts with you inheriting a farm from your grandparents. This is where you start your adventure with new friends and new places to discover. But considering how much people love Animal Crossing: New Horizons, how well does this indie game scratch that community management itch?

How is Garden Paws like Animal Crossing?

When you look at the similarities between Animal Crossing and Garden Paws, there’s a lot to like. Just like Animal Crossing, the game is fairly open-ended, allowing you to interact with the world however you see fit. You can also use the money you earn to build your community, just like you do for the best villagers you befriend in Animal Crossing.

If you also love the cute animal aesthetics of the Crossing characters, Garden Paws is perfect. Each character is a cute little creature, from cats to ducks. After all, who doesn’t love a bear with a construction hat?

During gameplay, you can also forage, dig, fish, and tons of other Animal Crossing-like activities.

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How is Garden Paws different from Animal Crossing?

Unlike Animal Crossing, Garden Paws can get a bit run down and dirtier. You can go into the mines to get resources, build a busy farm on your property and accept quests to earn money. Depending on how you play, you can be a searching wanderer, a hard-working farmer’s couch potato, or a mine trekking adventurer.

The options available to you are even greater, as instead of an island, you get an entire, sprawling world to explore. When you get a little bored in your backyard, you can head to the woods in search of excitement. If you thought you invented the game when you got into Animal Crossing, Garden Paws strives to let you curate your experience to be exactly what you want.

Is Garden Paws a farming or life sim?

While Garden Paws gets buzz because it’s like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, it also has an open, exploratory world filled with foraging, questing, and building, much like Minecraft. Build your community, expand your home, grow your crops, run a shop… Become your very own Tom Nook with Garden Paws! It’s a crossroads of many different cozy games, so perfect for anyone who loves to experience a good bit of fishing, adorable themes and ambient music in a unique wide-open world. While it’s not exactly like Animal Crossing, it’s close enough that Animal Crossing enthusiasts will enjoy it just as much.


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