“Is Fortnite Dying?”: Here’s What We Think And Why

Fortnite is one of the most successful live service games still running. It launched on July 25, 2017 primarily as a cooperative survival game. Eventually, the developer of this game, Epic Games, decided to ditch the survival part in favor of the PVP battle royale aspect of the game.

And over the years, battle royale has pretty much taken center stage while survival mode lingers on the sidelines.

Nearly six years after it first launched, fans are wondering is this game losing momentum?


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Is Fortnite Losing Its Steam?

Fortnite eventually became one of the most streamed games on Twitch. Some say it still is, and they might even be right. Epic Games is also trying its best to keep things interesting for players by releasing new updates; Updates with new content and content with interesting new mechanics.

This new content will be accompanied as part of new chapters. These chapters have different seasons, each lasting a couple of months. Each chapter introduces a new theme to this game. Each theme brings with it a set of new items that add new flavors to this game.

From running to using shopping carts to driving cars, flying airplanes and riding bikes, things have changed every now and then in Fortnite. Weapons change too! From guided missiles to handguns to swords.

Along with these items, the story also changes. Fortnite has given its players a bit of history with environmental storytelling every now and then. These stories sometimes lured fans in and sometimes left them indifferent, but it made one thing clear, Epic Games is constantly working on this game.


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With the release of competitors like Call of Duty Warzone, some would have expected Fortnite’s popularity to decline, but surprisingly that hasn’t happened either.

The game that has been going strong for almost six years, collaborating with MrBeast to give players a million dollar prize just for playing; The developers of this game know exactly how to keep your ranks high.

Yes, some streamers ditch it every now and then, but that happens with every game out there. Streamers are people, and sometimes people just want to move on to something else. But that gives other streamers a place to fill in.


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Nobody really knows where Fortnite will be in the times to come, but currently there is little sign of its demise.


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