Is BlitzyBug Mosquito Zapper Legit or Scam?

Mosquitoes are among the most annoying insects. These tiny insects annoy you and often cause physical damage and illness. The effects of an insect bite can range from itching and irritation to malaria and many other mosquito-borne diseases. Insect bites are not a big problem for a few people. However, for many people in the United States and around the world, an insect or mosquito bite can cause long-lasting skin discomfort and reactions.

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Therefore, a new product BlitzyBug will help you kill mosquitoes without harmful consequences that many other products have.

What is Blitzy Bug’s product?
Blitzy Bug’s product is a premium insect barrier that can effectively eliminate insects and other harmful insects. The manufacturers of this device used ultraviolet (UV) LED, which attracts mosquitoes and kills them with its strong voltages and protects you from various dangers from their bites. This advanced and latest technology features a higher battery chargeable via a USB port that operates effectively with minimal energy consumption.
Once switched on, this advanced device provides users with at least twenty hours of protection from harmful insects. This straightforward technology has no challenging controls or features and requires no expertise, skill or even setup, making it a convenient device. Instead of spitting out harsh chemicals, it takes high voltage to kill all pests in seconds.
Plus, Blitzy Bug’s device has a built-in contact light to illuminate your surroundings, and it can be mounted by its tiny handles when you don’t need it on a flat surface. Blitzy Bug’s device also has a tough protective case made from high-tech components that can handle spills and abuse, and a high-tech style that adds artistic appeal to any area it is placed in. However, you need to check if it is a Blitzybug scam.


Advantages of Blitzy Bug’s device

• Blitzy Bug’s device provides protection for health and comfort.
• It has built-in lithium-ion batteries.
• This device is waterproof.
• It is chemical free without releasing any harmful elements.
• You can easily maintain Blitzy Bug’s device.
• The device is tiny, light and portable.
• BlitzyBug is an environmentally friendly mosquito killer.
• You can use the device as an insect, insect killer and light source.
• Blitzy Bug’s Gadget is budget friendly, easy to use and consumes the least power.

Blitzy Bug device features:
Blitzy Bu’g’s device has a few built-in abilities that make it a much more powerful bug killer and rated higher than other bug killers. The following is among the few features of Blitzy Bug’s device.
• Ultraviolet Wavelength LED Light: Because light attracts bugs, Blitzy Bug’s device has a built-in LED light that attracts them from all areas, covers an area of ​​250 square feet, and provides 360° security. Regardless of where the equipment is attached or placed, it will pull and kill insects from all directions.

• Waterproof: Blitz Bug’s device is waterproof thanks to its 1PX7 persistent or free or water mode. This implies that no water splash or liquid can penetrate through this device. This option allows the device to be used indoors and outdoors while ensuring its durability.
• Portability and Compatibility: This BlitzyBug gear takes up minimal space once stored. Thanks to its lightweight construction, you can easily take it with you when traveling or doing outdoor activities.
• High Power: Blitzy Bug’s device uses a higher power of approximately 600 volts to shake any bug that invades within 250 square feet of its location. It also offers a 360-degree protective screen that repels insects from all sides.
• Appearance: The surface texture of Blitzy Bug’s device is extremely smooth, offering comfort while highlighting the colors.
• Convenient to use: The tiny handle allows you to take it with you in outdoor activities. You can also hang the device if necessary.
• Powerful Batteries: The Blitzy Bug device’s advanced technology features a huge battery size that charges quickly and can be powered through any USB connection and any powered electronic device or electrical connection. Its battery life is around twenty hours before you need to charge it again.
• User-friendly: Blitzy Bug’s newly launched gadget is easy to use as the device has basic controllers without the need for installation or expert setup. Anyone can use this gadget if they follow the guidelines in the manual.

Tips on using Blitzy Bug’s device
Blitzy Bug’s product is a handy gadget with straightforward features and controls as stated in Blitzybug reviews. You start by unpacking the box and charging the batteries with the USB cable. The device will display a small red light while charging and will turn green once fully charged.

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To operate, turn the rotary knob on top of the device until it clicks, indicating that the purple UV (ultraviolet) light is on. The gadget can be placed on a plain or flat table or hung where you keep it. To clean this device, open the last chamber and use the tiny brush provided to wipe away any dead insect parts from the coils and grids.

Advantages of Blitzy Bugs device
• Blitzy Bug’s device is silent during use.
• It is odorless and made from high quality materials.
• The device is extremely stylish, cool and sleek.
• The manufacturer of Blitzy Bug offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee on their mosquito killer device.

Disadvantages of Blitzy Bug’s gadget

• The device introduced by the Blitzy Bug is scarce.
• It is not available in any retail store.
• The company’s online marketplace is the only place where it can be purchased using the link

Blitzy Bug’s gadget prize
• A single device is available at a fifty percent discount for $44.97.
• Three BlitzyBug units are available at a 62 percent discount of $33.97 each.
• Five units are available at a seventy-two percent discount of $24.97.

Blitzy Bug’s device is an efficient zapper that eliminates any insect in seconds. You can use its LED light to pull bugs into a 250 square foot area and hit them instantly. This device has some incredible built in qualities that will have you treating pests from your rooms for years to come.

So buying BlitzyBug will help eliminate every insect and bug in your rooms.

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