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Is Bad Prosecutor on Netflix? Where to watch the new Kyungsoo K drama?

EXO singer Doh Kyungsoo is finally back with new K-Drama and fans are wondering if the show is on Netflix – here’s when and where to watch Bad Prosecutor.

Ever since the Bad Prosecutor trailer was released, fans can’t stop raving about Kyungsoo’s charismatic charm, which has had every K-Drama fan tuned in to tune in.

Bad Prosecutor will be Kyungsoo’s comeback drama after almost four years. And boy is he popular. One of his most notable works is 100 Days My Prince, which became one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in cable television history.

Bad Prosecutor Trailer/ KBS Drama YouTube

Will Kyungsoo’s K-drama Bad Prosecutor be available on Netflix?

no After much speculation, it has been confirmed that Bad Prosecutor will not air on Netflix.

Where to see Bad Prosecutor

But don’t worry, Kyungsoo fans – you can watch the drama with English subtitles in select regions.

The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:50 p.m. KST / 8:50 a.m. ET on KBS2. The drama will then air on Rakuten Viki within four to eight hours of streaming.

The first episode will air on Wednesday October 5th, the last of the current 12 episodes is scheduled to air on November 10th.

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Bad Prosecutor’s plot teases intriguing social commentary

Thrillers and crime K-dramas take over the weekly programming on most channels. From tvN’s cinematic perfection Little Women to MBC’s The Golden Spoon, Bad Prosecutor perfectly suits fans’ appetite for exciting drama.

According to KBS, Bad Prosecutor is a society commentary in which Jin Jung (Doh Kyungsoo) is the most renegade prosecutor of all time. He throws aside all rules to bring justice back to a corrupt system and never ceases to hunt to destroy the perfectly made social fabric of the wealthy class.

EXO-Ls are raving about the Kyungsoo comeback

From Twitter to Google, EXO singer Kyungsoo’s name will be on everyone’s lips on October 5th when fans can finally watch the first episode of Bad Prosecutor.

A fan wrote: โ€œKyungsoo does not settle for basics. There is always texture to the characters he plays which adds more depth/interest to the story. It also allows him to challenge himself. He becomes his characters and makes them what they are. That’s what makes him such a brilliant actor.โ€

Other written down: โ€œHats to Kyungsoo for another brilliant performance! The stunts he did. The trailers alone keep me on the edge of my seat! Whatever the outcome of this great drama, we know Kyungsoo tried their best and delivered. As always!”

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