Indian teams Revenant and Marcos Gaming are eliminated from Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023

On March 18, the top six teams battled it out in the Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League, with four teams competing on the second and final day of the competition. Indian teams Marcos Gaming and Revenant did not fare well as both were eliminated from the event.

On the opening day, in the first phase, two groups of three teams fought for a place in the playoffs, which had four places and will be played on the second day, that is, March 19. The regional leagues were played in East Asia, India and Southeast Asia with five teams each.

Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League Day 1

Each team met the others in the group twice. Japanese powerhouse T2 recorded two wins in Group A, while Indonesian side Rise Esports once beat Marcos Gaming and lost to T2.

Indian team Marcos Gaming, runners-up in the regional qualifiers, faltered on the international stage and failed to claim a win today, finishing third in their group.

Results of Day 1 Group A (Image via Pokemon UNITE)

Their first match was against Rise Esports, where Marcos Gaming had a difficult start, losing in both rounds. The unit also underperformed against T2, resulting in a 0-2 loss.

Results of Day 1, Group B (Image via Pokemon UNITE)

Seeded in Group B, Revenant Esports faced Team MYS in their first match. The Malaysian team made a strong start to beat the Indian team in both rounds. While their second encounter was against Taiwanese team Hi5, Revenant lost the deciding game.

Qualified teams for the playoffs

  1. T2
  2. Team MYS
  3. Hello5
  4. raise
Bracket from Day 2 (Image via Pokemon UNITE)

T2 had a magical run on Day 1 and will fight Team MYS on March 19th. The stage includes a Single Elimination Bracket, meaning the losing team is eliminated from the competition.

Hi5, who showed excellent performances today, will face Rise Esports in the playoffs. The battle for the crown will be fought between the winners of the above games.

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