In-game Force Jump tips

Fourteen days is currently hosting the Find the Force event which is made in connection with Star Wars franchise. Many new abilities, skins, quests, cosmetics and much more have been released in the game to give players something to fight for in the ongoing crossover event. In the second set of quests for the Find the Force event taking place this week, players must use the Force Jump ability to jump onto and off a grind rail to complete a quest in Fortnite. So here is how players can do it with ease.

Force Jump ability in Fortnite Find the Force event

One might think that they will be able to use force forces how they do it with reality expansions, but you could be wrong. Force powers are not simple abilities that players can acquire and later use whenever they want. These powers are directly tied to the lightsabers from the Star Wars event, so players will need to acquire a lightsaber before attempting to use any of the Force powers such as Force Jump.

Leap of Power in Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Lightsabers can only be acquired by finding and speaking to both Darth MaulObiwan Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker. But these characters appear randomly on the map through Rift Gates at all times, and players must quickly reach the locations and start training after speaking to them in order to obtain a lightsaber. The locations will be marked with a lightsaber marker that will appear on the map to allow players to reach the locations quickly.

How to force jump in Fortnite Find the Force event

To complete the quest, players jump off or onto a grind rail using the Force Leap ability. This can only be done by holding a lightsaber and pressing the jump button. This ability instantly causes players to double jump. Now, to find a grind rail, players can either walk Mega City, Neon Bay Bridge, smashed plates, or Slappy Shores.

Fortnite Force Jump guide
Image via Epic Games

After reaching one of the locations and successfully finding a grind rail, players will need to equip their lightsabers. Then they have to jump off the rail from such a distance that they don’t get on it automatically just by clicking the jump button once. You must click the jump button for 1 second while in the air to power jump and successfully land on a grind rail.

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