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‘I’m going to be arrested’: Dwayne Johnson reacts after a female Hollywood star comments on his ‘stalker-like’ behaviour

Many actors claim that Dwayne Johnson is one of the easiest actors to work with in Hollywood while making a movie. The Rock has the ability to make his co-actors feel comfortable as soon as they meet before filming begins.


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A few years ago, however, Johnson had made a top British actress uncomfortable with his actions.


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A year ago, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt appeared on USA Today. The interviewer, Brian Alexander, asked DJ about all the letters and personal videos he sent Blunt trying to convince her to do the film. However, the British actress gave a pun intended reply.

blunt said “It got stalker-ish. Do I have to call the police, Bryan? I do?”

Johnson replied and said: “It was just borderline stalker-ish. i get arrested Chris Hansen is waiting outside.”

Blunt started laughing and said: “The host of Catch a Predator? Serious?

Blunt originally didn’t want to do the film because of her hectic schedule. She also ignored several video messages from DJ trying to convince her to be in the film.

The Rock claims to have been a fan of Blunt since seeing her perform in The Devil Wears Prada. So he wanted to work with her in a movie and he got that opportunity with this Disney movie.

Emily Blunt didn’t sign the film because of the videos and messages Dwayne Johnson sent

Emily Blunt took a brief break after filming back-to-back “Mary Poppins Returns” and “A Quiet Place.” She also declined to read a script from The Jungle Cruise. However, Johnson claims Blunt accepted the role after sending some videos and leaving her some messages.


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Surprisingly, in the same interview with USA Today host Alexander, Blunt told the true story. She said, “That was the script. That was what I needed and I wanted to get to know Jaume.”


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The Jungle Cruise director Jaume Collet-Serra met Blunt and showed her the script. Additionally, when the actress asked what the film was about, Serra said, “Love,” and she immediately said yes to the film.

Stumpf told in an interview, “I knew we had an innate romantic at the helm and a world builder. We needed that. (points to DJ and says jokingly) Your video did nothing for me. It got me going.


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However, Johnson claims it was his effort to make a video and send messages. He explained when Jaume Collet-Serra flew to Brooklyn to personally deliver the script; He said to him show her this video he made. The Rock said his charming personality would help Serra sign Blunt.

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