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Illinois is being tricked by fake callers

Bad actors pretending to be someone they’re not aren’t a new phenomenon here in Illinois. However, it’s one that just seems to keep going and going strong, stealing people’s money and making off with their IDs, passwords, usernames, and more.

No one has found a way that always works to stop these criminals, but knowing in advance what they will do to swindle you of your hard-earned cash can come in handy – because that’s how they go about trying to steal your money or get it.

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“I just got your username and password!!” (Getty Images)

Just because you see the name “Amazon” doesn’t mean it’s Amazon

Here’s what I’ve learned while spending some time at ComputerWeekly.com: Almost 80% of domains containing the word “Amazon” are potentially dangerous. I was blown away by this number, and I was also surprised to see that more than 2,300 Amazon linked domains were registered in the 30 days leading up to Amazon Prime Days in June.

CheckPointResearch online security experts looked at Amazon-related domains and found that:

One in two (46%) was malicious — clearly designed to trick shoppers into giving up their Amazon credentials, email addresses, and credit card details, and one in three (32%) were in some way unprovably suspicious. Their goal is to make money from your personal information. The tactic cyber criminals use in their deception is domain spoofing, where you click on a page that appears to be from Amazon but is actually on malicious soil.

“Oh, I came so close to fooling that guy!” (Getty Images)

“Oh, I came so close to fooling that guy!” (Getty Images)

Some Illinois victims have lost quite a bit of money

Some of the victim stories floating around include a woman who received a fake Amazon email and ended up giving the cyber thieves her username, password and credit card information.

Another person was messaged on Facebook saying their Amazon account had been compromised. She was given a number to call to fix the problem, but the number was not associated with Amazon. She ended up losing around $13,000.

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