‘I was a little worried’: Logan star Boyd Holbrook reveals his challenging acting in Netflix’s Sandman, revealing he had to act in complete darkness

Recreated by famed author Neil Gaiman, The Sandman became one of the most complex stories developed under the wing of DC Comics. It is one of the few graphic novels to be included in the New York Times Best Sellers alongside the well-known ones Guardian and The dark knight returns series.

A still from the trailer for Sandman, starring Tom Sturridge as the title character.

While discussing his experience working on the character, Neil Gaiman commented on how difficult it was becoming for him to develop the characters as they became more and more complicated. In his book The view from the cheap seats, The author expanded on this, noting:

“When I first started writing Sandman, it took me a couple of weeks to write a screenplay. As time went by I slowed down to the point where I was writing a screenplay for six weeks a month.”

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The story existed in the DC Universe and also mentions many famous DC Comics traits here and there, but later focused more on its own plot.

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What to expect from Netflix in Sandman

Netflix’s adaptation also follows the same opening for the character Dream in the comics. Dream, the king of dreams, escapes his captivity at the hands of the mortal sorcerer to restore his kingdom.

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This is the most expensive series Division DC Entertainment has ever made.

The series will also feature the villain Corinthian, who first appeared in The Sandman #10. The Corinthian was created and destroyed by Dream because he went rogue. Destroyed for not serving its purpose, Dream recreated it with a few modifications.

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The Corinthian is played by Boyd Holbrook, previously known for starring in the soft reboot of predator, the villain in the movie logan and has also appeared in hit series narcotics. Sandman will also play Tom Sturridge as Dream.

Boyd Holbrook on playing The Corinthian

Since the character will be wearing sunglasses, the performance will be much more difficult for the actor since he cannot act with his eyes. In an interview with Screen Rant, the actor commented on the same thing:

“In the beginning when we started talking about it, I was a bit worried because there’s a lot of eyeplay involved. The soul is in your eyes. Allan Heinberg and I had a lot of conversations about it, but he really put my mind at ease because there are so many other things happening on The Corinthian.”

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The series was originally intended to be played and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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The actor had many scenes shot in the dark and eventually found a ray of hope in the opportunity. He commented that he had never had the chance to play such a challenging character before and how fun it was.

The Sandman is expected to be released on Netflix on August 5, 2022

Source: ScreenRant

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