“I wanted everyone to hate Yeon-jin”

On March 17th, a week after Netflix released the second and final part the glory Starring Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun, actress Lim Ji-yeon explores the role of main antagonist Park Yeon-jin.

The exciting Revenge series follows the story of Moon Dong-eun (younger: Jung Ji-so, older: Song Hye-kyo), a bright and spirited young girl who aspires to be an architect when she grows up. However, she is brutally bullied and tortured by Park Yeon-jin (younger: Shin Yeun, older: Lim Ji-yeon) and her cronies.

This causes her to drop out of school. However, she promises her bullies that she will make their life miserable and spends the next two decades plotting the perfect revenge against them.

Actress Lim Ji-yeon, who played main antagonist Park Yeon-jin, said in a press interview after the show’s release that she really wanted everyone to hate her character and didn’t want to feel sympathy for her.

“I wanted everyone to hate Yeon Jin.”

the glory‘s Lim Ji-yeon reveals that filming the final scene was her character’s most difficult experience

Lim ji yeon actually actress of the year

In a press interview you post the publication of the glory, Lim Ji-yeon spoke about playing a negative character and how she prepared for the role. She revealed that she wanted to leave no stone unturned in playing Park Yeon-in effectively and become a bad person from head to toe.

Also, according to Allkpop, she shared that she was prepared from the start for the character to be hated and didn’t want anyone to support Park Yeon-jin. Besides, she revealed it the fames screenwriter Kim Eun-sook told her that she has the face of an angel but the heart of a devil, making her the perfect fit for the character.

the glory‘s main antagonist also confessed that she began preparing for her character as soon as she received the script and had worked particularly hard filming the final scene, what was the hardest for her.

The Glory Intro Interpretations and Details Symbolism Meaning, Thread

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Lim Ji-yeon shared that despite the character’s negativity, she stuck with her and realized that when she shot the final prison scene. In layman’s terms, in the final scene of the last episode of the gloryPark Yeon-jin is imprisoned for the crimes she committed and loses everything including her daughter, husband and mother.

According to Allkpop, she said:

“Something fell into me, but it was a different feeling than what I felt when I was portraying evil deeds.”

The talented actress also admitted that Park Yeon-jin has become so famous that her own mother refers to her as Yeon-jin instead of Lim Ji-yeon.

song hyekyo and lim jiyeon better snag all the prestigious awards this year or i’ll fly to sokor and chat with the judges


Finally, she spoke about the show’s runaway success and how much it was loved by fans worldwide, even topping Netflix’s non-English category. Lim Ji-yeon revealed that she knew the show would be loved and a hit worldwide, but the amount of love and appreciation each character received was unexpected.

She continued:

“I can feel the popularity of the show. Actually, I had a feeling from the start that the show was going to do well. To be honest, I was confident that the series would be loved and loved, but I didn’t think every character would be loved and receive a lot of attention.”

#TheGlory2 : the power of Dong-Eun’s revenge, symbolism and parallels : a common thread 🧵
– (Spoilers ahead)

Netflix the glory Season 2 logged a whopping 124.46 million views, making it the most-watched title for the week of its release, which occurred on March 10th. Also, the revenge thriller series made the top 10 most popular TV shows (non-English). ninth place in a staggering 79 countries.

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