“I still feel the same call to it”

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, along with her boyfriend Billy Evans, walk back to their hotel after a hearing at the Robert E. Peckham US Courthouse March 17, 2023 in San Jose, California.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes at a court hearing.Philip Pacheco/Getty Images

  • Elizabeth Holmes told The New York Times she still believes Theranos could have worked.

  • Holmes, who is now awaiting the start of her 11-year sentence, gave several interviews to the Times.

  • She also said she plans to work on healthcare-related inventions while she is in prison for fraud.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes said she still believes her defunct company could have transformed the modern healthcare industry if it hadn’t garnered so much attention so quickly.

In her first conversation with the media since 2016, Holmes shares her thinking in a new profile in The New York Times, detailing her continued fight against her fraud conviction and efforts to delay the start of her 11-year sentence.

“We would have seen through our vision,” Holmes told the Times in response to a question about what she thinks would have happened if her company hadn’t garnered so much initial buzz.

Holmes – who is currently living with her partner Billy Evans and their two children as their legal battles rage – told Amy Chozick the Times that she still wants to change healthcare and believes she can, and continues to work on new inventions to this day .

“I still dream of being able to contribute in this area,” Holmes told the Times. “I still feel just as called as I ever have and I still think the need is there.”

She told the Times that she plans to continue working on healthcare innovations during her time in prison, including new ideas for COVID-19 testing.

“If your head is exploding at how unreal this sounds, that’s exactly the point,” Chozick wrote, noting that Holmes still seems to be nurturing the same “idealistic delusions” that led to the events in Theranos, which are associated with her guilty conviction ended up in first place.

Chozick spoke to Holmes, Evans, and Holmes’ family and friends, who shared the author’s impression that Holmes appears to believe what she says. However, some of Holmes’ friends warned the reporter not to give full credence to her claims.

Holmes was charged with fraud after a 2015 Wall Street Journal report led to investigations into whether Theranos technology was actually able to detect dozens of health problems from a single blood sting, as it promised.

One of Holmes’ attorneys did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment Sunday morning.

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