A picture of Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck married in Las Vegas in July 2022.Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images.

  • Jennifer Lopez spoke on The View about approaching a year of marriage to Ben Affleck.

  • Lopez said Affleck is a “great father” and often teaches her things about raising her children.

  • The couple’s blended family includes five children from previous marriages.

Jennifer Lopez shared the dynamics of parenthood with Ben Affleck ahead of the couple’s one-year wedding anniversary.

On May 4, in a guest appearance on The View, Lopez said Affleck was an “amazing father” to his children from his previous marriage.

“It brings tears to my eyes, he’s honestly the best dad I’ve ever seen,” she said, explaining that Affleck has sometimes taught her new things about how to behave with her children.

“He’s such a brilliant guy anyway and you can tell he must have read every book and everything there is to learn about kids when he had his kids and he’s applying it,” she said.

Lopez added, “He’s present and that’s all you could ask for for a gift, a loving father that shows up every day and that’s him.”

After originally dating in the early 2000s, Affleck and Lopez rekindled their relationship during the pandemic and married in July 2022. Lopez has two children from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony, while Affleck has three children with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, who he was married to from June 2005 to October 2018.

When asked by the show’s hosts, who play “good cop” and “bad cop” in their blended family, Lopez referred to her own relationship with her mother, who she says took most of the discipline around the house.

“I remember my mom saying to me, ‘I’m always the bad guy,'” Lopez explained, continuing to talk about her relationship with her own children by saying, “There’s some truth to that, you know, the mom, you get a little bit of the brunt of it.”

“They need that too,” said Lopez, referring to the discipline.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in 2022.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in 2022.Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Lopez went on to say that her children, 15-year-old twins Emme and Max, have reached an age where they “don’t want to talk to her that much anymore.”

“It’s all necessary and intellectual, I get it, but my heart, my heart hurts,” she said.

Affleck and Lopez originally began dating in 2002 after they both starred in the 2001 comedy Gigli and got engaged that year, but eventually postponed the wedding and split in January 2004.

In February 2022, Lopez spoke on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” about getting back together with Affleck.

“I don’t think anyone was more surprised than we were,” Lopez said. “You never imagined that something like this could happen. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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