I can’t wait to kick your ass in Minecraft Legends PvP

There aren’t enough strategy games on consoles. It’s one of the few popular video game genres that has never really crossed the divide with longevity, which is perhaps understandable given the natural limitations that a controller versus keyboard brings. Understandable, but not insurmountable. At least that’s what Blackbird Interactive wants to prove with Minecraft Legends when it starts on April 18, 2023.

Led by Microsoft Gaming, Mojang has gradually pushed the boundaries of Minecraft beyond the sandbox. We’ve had narrative adventures in collaboration with Telltale and Diablo style action RPGs in the brilliant Minecraft Dungeons, so an accessible strategy game is perhaps the most obvious area the franchise should venture into next. Intuitive controls designed to help you easily build armies and send them into battle against invading Piglin forces; boundless depth, shaped by Blackbird’s long history and expertise in the genre; and a beautifully blocky, procedurally generated overworld that not only ensures that every game is different, but also reminds each and every one of us that Legends embodies the playful spirit that underlies all that bears the Minecraft name.

Answer the call

Minecraft legends screenshot

(Image credit: Microsoft Gaming)


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