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Hunter King, Jordan Renzo and more star in Hallmark’s Christmas movie

Hallmark’s New Christmas Movie, A Royal Corgi Christmas, will premiere on the channel on Friday November 25, 2022. It tells the story of a prince who is trying to mend his relationship with his mother and decides to give her an adorable corgi as a present. Here’s the official synopsis of the film, according to Crown Media Press:

“Crown Prince Edmond is returning home before Christmas to take the throne, bringing a feral Corgi puppy for his mother. When he enlists the training expertise of Cecily, an American animal behaviorist, they both learn a lesson about what everyone really wants out of life.”

The film stars Hunter King and Jordan Renzo in the lead roles, along with many others playing central supporting roles. A Royal Corgi Christmas is directed by Clare Niederpruem and written by Erinne Dobson.

A Royal Corgi Christmas Cast: Hunter King and others star in Hallmark’s new Christmas movie

1) Hunter King as Cecily

in the A Royal Corgi Christmas, Hunter King plays Cecily, an American animal behavior expert hired by Prince Edmond to train his corgi. King looks pretty impressive and confident in the film’s trailer as she tries to teach Edmond how to bond with the dog.

Apart from A Royal Corgi ChristmasKing is best known for her appearances in The young and the restless, Hollywood Heightsand life in pieces.

2) Jordan Renzo as Prince Edmond

Actor Jordan Renzo portrays the character of Prince Edmond in the film. Edmond wants to reconnect with his mother and decides to get her a corgi, but training the dog proves quite challenging. Renzo shares great on-screen chemistry with costar Hunter King and viewers can expect him to deliver an excellent performance in the film.

Jordan Renzo’s other memorable performances were in class, The Spanish Princess, Boys from County Helland many more.

3) Sam McGovern as Jacob

Sam McGovern slips into the role of Jacob A Royal Corgi Christmas. Not many other details about his character are revealed at this point. As an actor, McGovern is known for his performances in The Queen V Patrick O’Donnelland The sleep experimentamong other.

Apart from the actors mentioned above A Royal Corgi Christmas also has various other actors in pivotal supporting/supporting roles, including:

  • Frank Smith as Hobbs
  • Julie Lamberton as Princess Victoria
  • Susannah De Wrixon as Queen Portia
  • Shane Mark Lennon as Carrington
  • Sharon Coade as Lady Edgebury
  • Ern McGathy as Gwen

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Hallmark released a sneak peek of the film, showing a brief interaction between Edmond and Cecily as the two attempt to train the corgi. Cecily gives Edmond tips on bonding with the dog. The latter seems a bit awkward and awkward as he tries to train the Corgi he wants to gift to his mother.

Based on the preview and synopsis, viewers can look forward to a unique and fascinating story that explores themes of love, family and the relationship between humans and animals.

Do not miss A Royal Corgi Christmas on Hallmark Channel on Friday, November 25, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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