The Italian stud is back on the small screen with his screenwriting debut Tulsa King. The crime series comes from the Oscar nominee Taylor Sheridan (hell or flood) and Emmy Award winner Terence Winter (Boardwalk Empire), who also serves as showrunner for the same. The plot of Tulsa King follows Sylvester Stallone As an indomitable mob boss, Dwight Manfredi, who founds a criminal organization in Tulsa, Oklahoma, posts his release from prison after 25 years. Stallone also serves as one of the show’s executive producers. directs the series Benjamin Semanov.

next to the consumables Star headliners, the ensemble cast of the series also stars Martin Starr (freaks and geeks), Andrea Wild (veep), Max Casella (The sopranos), Domenick Lombardozzi (The Irishman), Vincent Piazza (Boardwalk Empire), Jay Will (The wonderful Mrs. Maisel), AC Peterson (Superman & Lois), Garret Hedlund (friday night lights), Dana Delany (Hand of God), and Annabella Sciorra (The sopranos) in different roles.


release this week, Tulsa King is one of the most anticipated crime series of the year, especially because of Stallone’s involvement. Stallone has played many similar roles throughout his acting career, from ironclad tough guy to mobster, hitman and even a cop, but this is new territory for the veteran star. Whether you’re a fan of this genre or not, the series probably deserves a watch just to see the superstar in a role we’ve never seen before. Read on to find out how to watch Tulsa King and where and when you can see it when it premieres.

Tulsa King
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When and where is Tulsa King coming out?

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Tulsa King premieres November 13, 2022 on Paramount+ with two episodes. This is a big day for fans of Taylor Sheridan as his other hit series yellowstone (You may have heard about it) will have its premiere Season 5 same day. Paramount Network will also be hosting a special linear airing of episodes 1 and 2 on November 20th. Prior to release, the premiere also screened in select AMC theaters on October 29, 2022.

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How many episodes does Tulsa King have?

According to the latest updates, Tulsa King It is said to have 10 episodes, each running about 60 minutes. After the premiere, each new episode will be released weekly. We also have the synopses of the first two episodes, which you can see below:

Episode 1: “Go West Old Man” – November 13, 2022

Dwight is caught off guard by the news that his mob family in New York has nothing left for him and is sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma. As he settles in and surveys his new surroundings, Dwight wastes no time finding new partners.

Episode 2: “Center of the Universe” – November 13, 2022

Dwight, Tyson and Bodhi go on a road trip to take care of business. Stacy digs into Dwight’s past.

Paramount+ released a teaser trailer of Tulsa King in October 2022, followed by an official full-length trailer just a few weeks later. While the first clip introduces the audience to the story and Stallone’s character, where he seems and feels very out of place, the second video gives you a taste of what’s to come. The teaser clip is just a glimpse of Stallone’s fearless and ambitious Dwight Manfredi, who is just getting out of prison after a long sentence and is trying to adjust to his new life and start over. The official trailer, on the other hand, features Manfredi as Tulsa’s new mafia capo, assuming his authority and power over the city’s underworld. What both trailers have in common are the explosive sequences, lots of firepower, some dark humor and Stallone’s signature style of presentation. It looks like there’s plenty of thrills and action in store for the very first season (hoping there will be more of the show). Tulsa King. After all, you can’t expect anything less from the action star.

Can you see Tulsa King without Paramount+?

Tulsa King is a Paramount+ Original Production, meaning it is exclusive to and available to stream only on the network. Paramount+ is available as a subscription, which gives you access to their vast library of original and aggregated content from the Paramount Network and CBS yellowstone, 1883, Mayor of Kingston, and many more. If you don’t already have the streaming service, you can easily download the mobile or web app on your Android, iOS and other devices. Their memberships come in two options: the Essential plan at $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, which includes ads; or the premium plan, which costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year and is ad-free.

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When is the Tulsa King season 1 finale?

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With each new episode of Tulsa King The 10th and final episode of the series will be released weekly (Sundays) and is expected to arrive on January 8, 2023. However, this has not yet been technically confirmed and assumes that there will be no delays or dips in the release schedule.

So what is Tulsa King all about anyway?

Tulsa King is the story of a mafia boss who goes into business for himself to found his new empire. The plot, if not the narration or execution, is sure to remind you of that Boardwalk Empire or The sopranos. And that’s not only because all three projects come from the same creators, but also because of the design of its central character: a protagonist who always feels like a lone fighter in his tribe and sets out to realize his own ambition. Dwight “The General” Manfredi is also a protagonist who is abandoned by his gang. The New York mob capo has just finished his 25-year sentence and is sent to Tulsa by his former boss to take over the city and its businesses. But Manfredi quickly realizes that he has no support from his gang and probably never will. So he decides to become the new king. He sets off to assemble his own crew with a bunch of strange characters and begins building a whole new empire of his own. Here is the official synopsis from Paramount+:

“Tulsa King” follows New York mob capo Dwight “The General” Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone) shortly after he was released from prison after 25 years and exiled by his boss to start a business in Tulsa, Okla. Not having his best interests at heart, Dwight slowly builds a “crew” from a cast of unlikely characters to help him build a new criminal empire in a place that, to him, might as well be another planet.

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