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How to watch the Adult Swim Festival

Animation enthusiasts flocked to Philadelphia last month for the Adult Swim Festival. However, those who did not have the opportunity to attend still have the opportunity to enjoy the program through a three-part special available to stream. The exclusive content includes footage of musical performances, backstage interviews and access to over 120 episodes of over 16 fan-favorite shows such as: Ricky and Morty and metallocalypse. President of Adult Swim and Cartoon Network Michael Ouweleen said the following about the festival and its accessibility for fans who want to enjoy it via streaming afterwards:

“This year’s Adult Swim Festival was very special as it marked our return to live events and we brought the festival to the East Coast for the first time. Packed with some incredible performances, I can’t wait for our fans to experience the energy and excitement of this year’s festival thanks to The Roku Channel.”

If you are looking for more information about the Swimming festival for adults From the comfort of your own home, here’s a handy guide on how to stream the exclusive content.


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When and where will the Adult Swim Festival be streamed?

Beginning September 23, the three-part special with commercials will be available for free on The Roku Channel. This isn’t the first time Roku has released exclusive coverage for users with ads at no additional cost. Some of the recent shows to appear on the platform include The Great American Baking Show and The Rich Eisen Show.

Jennifer VauHead of Content Acquisition at The Roku Channel, shared the excitement of having this festival special available in the channel’s catalogue:

“The Roku Channel is thrilled to be the exclusive AVOD home for the Adult Swim Festival, and we look forward to bringing the live event’s outstanding performances to millions of streamers as well. In addition to the special, we’re also proud to now offer a broad catalog of Adult Swim’s iconic content library to our audience.”

Do you need a Roku subscription to watch the special?

The Roku Channel is already included in some TV models and can easily be downloaded to your iPhone or Android device for free. Known for launching streaming for TV, Roku is an affordable option for watching movies and TV shows with ads on your device. If you already have a Roku product, you can simply use the remote to find the channel on your home screen and sign up for an account to start streaming. To use this channel, the user must be connected to the Wi-Fi network either via a wireless home network or via an Ethernet port. According to the platform’s website, it has access to more than 80,000 titles and 300 free live linear TV shows from the United States. If you add a payment method to your Roku account, you can easily rent or buy titles on other streaming platforms through your Roku device, but there’s no monthly fee to use the shows and movies already in the channel library.

Which TV shows have exclusive episodes available to stream?

With various Adult Swim favorites now in the Roku catalogue, it can be difficult to narrow down your search and know exactly which titles have exclusive episodes available to stream. From September 23rd there will be new episodes or short films robot chicken, Genndy Tartakovsky projects like Originally, metallocalypse, Rick and Morty‘s digital offshoot defender 2and Aqua Teen Hunger Force‘s fork Aquadonk side panels.

Other shows on the list are Alabama Jackson, ambient swimming, bird girl, Black Dynamite, Joe Pera is talking to you, Loiter Squad, Samurai Jack, SMILING FRIENDS, squids, Teenage euthanasia, Tuca & Bertiand YOLO: Crystal Fantasy.

Which artists have performances and interviews available to stream?

The music headliners in the Swimming festival for adults None other than the hip-hop duo are special Run the jewelsRapper and singer-songwriter Tierra Whackand fictional metal band Dethklok. Whack and the two members of Run The Jewels (Killer Mikewill and EI-P) have exclusive interviews you can watch through the Roku platform.

Originated from the Adult Swim animation metallocalypseDethklok released three albums and a soundtrack to an episode of the series titled Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem.

What is adult swimming?

If you like animations South Park or The simpsons, Adult Swim content is right for you. The American cable network was founded in 2001 and has since been responsible for broadcasting many animated comedy and live-action programs that appeal to adult audiences at a time when children are typically asleep. The network shares cable space with Cartoon Network and occupies the nightly slot from about 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on weekdays and from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on weekends. Like Netflix, Adult Swim shows can be viewed both live and on-demand via STACKTV, a channel option on Amazon Prime Video. If you already have a Prime Video subscription, you can simply pay an additional fee of $12.99 per month after the 30-day free trial ends.

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Are there original Roku animations?

While there’s plenty to see in the Roku Channel’s inclusion of Adult Swim content, it’s also worth noting that the platform premiered its very own animation earlier this year. doom lands is an adult Roku original animation based on the despicable Danny Doom (voiced by Markus Klein) and his accomplice Llhandi (voiced by Kayla Llorette) while hurling beer across the wasteland in their pub. There they must battle desert gangs, bathroom graffiti, and memory-stealing creeps. The series created by Josh O’Keefe was renewed for Season 2 shortly after its January 2022 premiere. Season 1 had 10 episodes that were around 15 minutes long and the upcoming season will have the same number of episodes. This is what O’Keefe had to say in a statement regarding the renewal of the series:

“Season 2 here we come! Bringing this project to life has been a multi-year journey and we cannot express how grateful we are for it doom lands has found a great home and audience on The Roku Channel.”

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