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How to virtualize your Valentine’s Day

By Nicole Smythe, SAP

Flower. Chocolate. Artificial intelligence? That’s not a typo, but you might be wondering how AI got into the list of Valentine’s Day gifts. Whether we realize it or not, virtual reality is becoming a true reality for people all over the world – so why not use it to express your love this upcoming holiday?

Check out some ideas on how to virtualize your Valentine’s Day.

Artistically signed, delivered digitally, I’m yours

Have you ever waited too long to pick up your Valentine’s Day card and only have to choose from “the leftovers”? Yes, those cards that remain untouched and unpurchased; You either have a card that isn’t quite your love language, or a half-hearted one that doesn’t express your love enough.

What if I told you that even the last procrastinator not only finds the perfect card, but also makes it in an instant? Companies like CopyAI train bot technologies like GPT-3 to formulate artificially realistic love letters. With this technology, users can take advantage of the AI-powered card maker to create an unforgettable expression of love with a little help from expert systems.

CopyAI can help even the most hopeless romantics to make their love letters sound like a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Cook smarter, not harder

Would you like to prepare a romantic candlelight menu at home, but can’t find the perfect recipe? Or maybe you want to recreate a meal from your favorite restaurant? With AI-powered smart devices, couples can use a “smart kitchen” to become the next-gen Julia Childs (or maybe just their partner’s favorite chef).

Artificial intelligence is becoming more pervasive in the culinary world and new technologies are opening doors for advanced innovations that can start at home, in our kitchens, through smart appliances. From voice control to app monitoring, the new wave of device innovation now points to our own refrigerators.

Foodbeast’s Ayomari dives into Samsung’s next generation of smart fridges and their Food AI platform Whisk, which offers personalized cooking experiences. It works in conjunction with Samsung’s ViewInside camera, which features AI-powered image recognition. By using the camera inside to scan the contents of the fridge, Food AI can recommend a carefully curated selection of recipes based on your food preferences, current cravings or special occasions. By simply stocking your fridge with your favorite foods, couples everywhere can choose the best recipes.

Whether you want to watch the romantic comedy Julie and Julia or hone your skills to become the next Julia Childs, people around the world can use smart gadgets to change the way they cook their meals.

It’s a (digital) love story

Some may be wondering what if I don’t have Valentine’s Day this year? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be cast on the Bachelor to find love β€” many find it right on their own phones through virtual dating apps like Hinge and Match. The days of bio meetups are getting scarce, and singles are now turning to algorithms and machine learning to find their eternal Valentine.

To further clarify, users can enter basic information such as age, height, and location, as well as personal information such as relationship goals, personal hobbies, and their “simple pleasures.” Users create personal profiles in the hope of finding a like-minded partner.

How the technology is involved is the algorithm in which potential matches are presented to users. In her recent article, Taylor Wade writes about how companies are using AI to collect in-app data on user behavior to curate more relevant matches based on their users’ core values, beliefs, and personality traits. And according to the data and results, it works β€” a recent study by The Knot concluded that Hinge was responsible for mating 30% of couples who met online.

Call it fate or artificial, but technology isn’t just changing the future of dating, it’s paving a new path for it.

Virtual is the new reality

With artificial intelligence increasing in relevance and proliferation every day, it was only a matter of time before we would see its impact on our personal lives. However, rather than turn away from it, embrace the AI ​​and all it has to offer, especially with the upcoming Valentine’s Day. While the love shown this season is anything but artificial, that doesn’t mean we can’t express it or find it perfectly.

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