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How to view FPS in Diablo 4

Despite the server issues, crashes, and almost all the staples of a boot from blizzardPlayers are enjoying the first beta of diablo 4. Most players praise the gameplay, aesthetics and everything in the game. This bodes well as the previous mobile title got terrible reviews with a bad PC port. Now, diablo 4 appears to be on track to save the company and we are currently in the first beta. However, considering this, some also suffer from poor optimization of the game. This can be an issue as action-oriented games need to run smoothly for a better experience. If you want to check how well your game is running on PC, here’s how to view FPS in diablo 4.

How to view FPS in Diablo 4

There are two ways to view FPS diablo 4 on PC. These possibilities change depending on the graphics card installed and the platform you are playing on. Without further ado, let’s check how to do it:

Using the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app

Nvidia is one of the most widely used manufacturers when it comes to graphics cards. Most people tend to choose Nvidia, and with the success of the last few cards, we can understand why. If you own one Nvidia To view Card and FPS in Diablo 4, you need to go Nvidia GeForce Experience app. Locate the “In-Game Overlay” option and select the “FPS” option under the Performance tab.

Diablo 4 FPS counter

Image: Diablo 4


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AMD Radeon Software

AMD does not fall behind when it comes to playing cards. As you know, the latest next-gen consoles use this manufacturer’s graphics cards, and they turned out to be quite good. On PC, people prefer the first option we mentioned. AMD is great too. To activate your FPS counter if you have one AMD map, you must open it AMD Radeon Software and enable the in-game overlay. Once you’ve done that, you can track your FPS.

As you can see, FPS is displayed in diablo 4 is pretty easy as these playing cards already come with software that you can download to monitor your gaming experience. We recommend that you get it as soon as you start playing to see how smooth your experience is. If you suffer from low FPS, make sure you change your options and tweak some of them to make yours diablo 4 experience much smoother.


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