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How to Use Multiview on YouTube TV to Watch 4 Live Streams Simultaneously

Just in time for March Madness, YouTube TV introduces a new function called “multiple view‘, which allows viewers to watch up to four streams simultaneously. Launched in 2017, YouTube TV is a premium subscription service offering over 100 national and international TV channels, a collection of on-demand movies and shows, and more. It also offers a variety of other features such as B. DVR with unlimited cloud storage, the ability to share an account with up to six people, and the option to stream on up to three different screens simultaneously.

As the name suggests, Multiview allows users to stream multiple channels simultaneously on the same screen. The feature might not be handy for watching movies or TV shows, but it’s a great option for sports fans who don’t want to miss any of the action, especially when some of their favorite sports teams are playing at the same time. The feature is offered by a number of streaming services, including Fubo TV, and allows users to watch up to four live channels simultaneously on one screen on AppleTV.

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Enable multiview on YouTube TV

YouTube TV logo on iPhone 11

YouTube TV subscribers can turn on Multiview at various places in the app. For starters, on the Home tab, users will see multiview stream options within the ‘Top Picks for You’ Section. Here users can simply select a pre-selected multiview stream to open it. Another way to start a multiview stream is to open a live game from the Home tab and then select it ‘View in multiview.’ The last option is available within the ‘Live’ Tab. Here users can open a live game and then select ‘View in multiview.’ To exit a multiview stream and return to a traditional screen, simply press ‘Return’ button on the remote control.

To select a specific audio source and subtitles while multiview is enabled, simply use the directional pad on the remote to highlight a specific channel and the audio will automatically switch to that specific stream. Users see a white border around the view that provides the current audio. Users can also switch to full screen mode in multi view with any channel. To do this, use the directional buttons on the remote control to highlight the target channel, and then press the ‘Choose’ button on the remote control to switch to full screen mode. Press the ‘Return’ button to return to multiview setup.

While Multiview is a great option for sports fans looking to make the most of March Madness with four simultaneous streams, there are a few things to consider before attempting to use the feature. At launch, Multiview is only available on the YouTube TV app for smart TVs and streaming media players, meaning people using the web version or the mobile apps won’t be able to access the feature. Also, Multiview is still being phased in from March 2023 YouTube TV viewers, and the company says it will last “several months” so that it is available to all users everywhere.

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